A colloquium of programming logic : C/C++ Workshop

A colloquium of programming logic : C/C++ Workshop

“Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.”

– Linus Torvalds

Hunting skills in the stone ages, battling prowess during the medieval times, science and industrialization in the modern world and programming in the 21st century- all of them have one thing in common, being the necessity of their times. Coding is often termed as the new literacy of today’s world and hence is one of the most sought-after proficiencies. To inspire and train the bright minds of our institute in the field of computing, IET On Campus, BIT Mesra and IEEE Student Branch – BIT Mesra organized a three-day “Introduction to Programming in C/C++ Workhsop” from 30th August to 1stSeptember 2019.

The first day kicked off from 6:00 P.M. with the massive number of enthusiastic participants divided into four rooms 203, 204, 207 and 211, two of which were for the advanced track while the other twofor the basic track. On the initial day, an overview to the world of programming was given, stating the multifarious incentives ushered by good coding knowledge and the perks of using C++ as one’s primary programming language. The participants were walked through the entire process, right from entering the code to the compilation and finally the execution to get the desired output. Volunteers from both the clubs beamed of ebullience with a drive to spread digital cognizance. By the end of the day, the participants were aware of the construct of a basic C/C++ program, how to perform input output, variables, constants, type conversion along with hierarchy and various data types.

The venue of the workshop was shifted to LH-2, G-1, G-2 and G-3 for the last two days. Volunteers talked about operators, their precedence, control flow in a program, usage of loops and conditional statements. The concept of functions and their utility, various libraries and the C preprocessor were also discussed in great detail. Under the advance track, topics like recursion, structures/unions, arrays, pointers and the C++ Standard Template Librarywere also covered. However, these topics constituted the third day of the basic track.

The workshop came to an end on its third day, with the participants being equally enthusiastic as before. They were introduced to the concept of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and its implementation through C++ classes, along with a detailed explanation of lambda functions. The continuous huge footfall of participants was a testament to the success of the event. The feedback from the participants lauded the organizing clubs and volunteers for their endeavor to impart knowledge about C/C++ and honing their coding skills.

Reporter- Vaibhav Raj Singh
Editor- Apoorva Nanda

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