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Academic Council NBA Status Audited Financial Statements

Sr. BOG Date Venue Agenda Minutes
1 Forty Three 15/02/2011 Birla Tower, New Delhi 43rd BOG Meeting 43rd BOG Meeting – Minutes
2 Forty Four 23/01/2012 Birla Tower, New Delhi 44th BOG Meeting 44th BOG Meeting – Minutes
3 Forty Five 03/07/2012 Birla Tower, New Delhi 45th BOG Meeting 45th BOG Meeting – Minutes
4 Forty Six 24/12/2012 Birla Tower, New Delhi 46th BOG Meeting 46th BOG Meeting – Minutes
5 Forty Seven 31/10/2013 Birla Tower, New Delhi 47th BOG Meeting 47th BOG Meeting –  Minutes
6 Forty Eight 07/05/2014 Birla Tower, New Delhi 48th BOG Meeting 48th BOG Meeting –  Minutes
7 Forty Nine 26/11/2014 Birla Tower, New Delhi 49th BOG Meeting 49th BOG Meeting –  Minutes
8 Fifty 07/05/2015 Birla Tower, New Delhi 50th BOG Meeting 50th BOG Meeting – Minutes
9 Fifty One 02/11/2015 Birla Tower, New Delhi 51st BOG Meeting 51st BOG Meeting – Minutes
10 Fifty Two 09/01/2016 BIT Mesra, Ranchi 52nd BOG Meeting 52nd BOG Meeting – Minutes
11 Fifty Three 03/05/2016 Birla Tower, New Delhi 53rd BOG Meeting 53rd BOG Meeting – Minutes
12 Fifty Four 17/11/2016 Birla Tower, New Delhi 54th BOG Meeting 54th BOG Meeting – Minutes
13 Fifty Five 17/05/2017 Birla Tower, New Delhi 55th BOG Meeting 55th BOG Meeting – Minutes
14 Fifty Six 17/01/2018 Birla Tower, New Delhi 56th BOG Meeting 56th BOG Meeting – Minutes
15 Fifty Seven 07/05/2018 Birla Tower, New Delhi 57th BOG Meeting 57th BOG Meeting – Minutes
16 Fifty Eight 26/02/2019 BIT Mesra, Ranchi 58th BOG Meeting 58th BOG Meeting – Minutes
17 Fifty Nine 20/05/2019 Birla Tower, New Delhi 59th BOG Meeting 59th BOG Meeting – Minutes
18 Sixty 24/06/2019 By Circulation of Resolution 60th  BOG Meeting 60th  BOG Meeting – Minutes
19 Sixty One 24/06/2019 By Circulation of Resolution 61st  BOG Meeting 61st BOG Meeting – Minutes
20 Sixty Two 26/06/2019 By Circulation of Resolution 62nd BOG Meeting 62nd BOG Meeting – Minutes
21 Sixty Three 29/11/2020 Birla Tower, New Delhi 63rd  BOG Meeting 63rd  BOG Meeting – Minutes
22 Sixty Four 17/03/2020 Birla Tower, New Delhi 64th  BOG Meeting 64th  BOG Meeting – Minutes
23 Sixty Five 12/06/2020 By Circulation of Resolution 65th  BOG Meeting 65th  BOG Meeting – Minutes
24 Sixty Six 24/07/2020 By Video Confrencing, New Delhi 66th  BOG Meeting 66th  BOG Meeting – Minutes
25 Sixty Seven 23/12/2020 By Circulation of Resolution 67th BOG Meeting 67th  BOG Meeting – Minutes
26 Sixty Eight 25/03/2021 By Circulation of Resolution 68th BOG Meeting 68th BOG Meeting – Minutes
27 Sixty Nine 27/07/2021 Virtural Through Google Meet 69th BOG Meeting 69th BOG Meeting – Minutes
28 Seventy 21/09/2021 By Circulation of Resolution 70th BOG Meeting 70th BOG Meeting – Minutes
29 Seventy One 12/05/2022 Birla Tower, New Delhi 71st BOG Meeting 71st BOG Meeting – Minutes
30 Seventy Two 10/10/2022 Virtual Mode 72nd BOG Agenda 72nd BOG Meeting – Minutes
31 Seventy Three 07/02/2023 By Circulation of Resolution 73rd BOG Agenda 73rd BOG Meeting – Minutes