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IIC- WEBINAR (21-22)

Data Analytics and Impact of Financial Process & Control -(20.08.22)   
Ms. Manya Gaurav 
Sales Operation Analyst, Qualcomm Inc-USA.   


                    Chunauti 4.0 - (30.07.2022 )
Mr. Siddharth Rai
Additional Director at STPI- Ranchi

Research Commercialization and Kick-Starting Your Startup (26th July 2022)
Dr. Abhay D. Deshmukh 
                                                 Director, INCUBEIN Foundation                                             
Department of physics, Energy Materials and Device Lab RTM Nagpur University,Nagpur, India   

             Technote -(23.06.2022)
Practical Approaches to Intellectual Property Development for Engineers
Mr. Akhil Singhal


“Converting Research to Patent”  -26.04.2022
Dr. Rahul Kapoor
Founder & Director-Turnip Innovation


Institutions’ Innovation Council (IIC-BIT) collaboration with Intellectual Property Right Cell BIT Mesra has conducted the webinar on “CONVERTING RESEARCH TO PATENT” for BIT faculty members\ Ph.D. Scholars \Students. The session was conducted on MS Team Platform on 26.04.2022. Dr. Rahul Kapoor, Founder & Director-Turnip innovation has delivered the lecture & discussed the various aspects of mind set convert ideas and importance of invention. Intellectual Property Rights awareness is vital to generation of IPRs and then commercialization of IPRs with phenomenal growth of the Indian economy. He talked about the inadequate knowledge about the rights of individuals to protect their ideas and innovations and low awareness about the procedures involved in obtaining an IPR has hindered India’s growth in Intellectual Property. He acknowledged the importance of innovation to tackle global challenges which was launched various initiatives keeping in mind the unique challenges of the Indian academic ecosystem. He is also brief about the importance of patents drawing. A patent is an exclusive right to an invention that introduces a new solution or a technique. He described that if you own a patent, you are the only person who can manufacture, distribute, sell, or commercially use that product. Patents are usually granted for a period of 20 years. In this webinar around more than 65 attendees were present and after over the session, Q&A was discussed.

         Innovation and Startup Policy Awareness Programe-(07.04.2022)
Dr. C.
Jeganathan, Dean-RIE & President IIC-BIT

Institutions’ Innovation Council (IIC-BIT) Mesra has conducted the webinar on “Innovation and Startup Policy Awareness Program” for BIT faculty members\ Ph.D. Scholars \Students. The session was conducted on MS Team Platform on 7th April 2022 by Dr. C. Jeganathan, Dean RIE & President IIC-BIT has delivered the lecture & discussed the various aspects of new Startup Policy and Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship Policy Benefit in terms of learning/Skill/Knowledge obtained.  He talked about the awareness on latest entrepreneurial policies were explained and methods for proper implementation of policies. During this session faculties were encouraged to inculcate the habit of critical and innovative thinking with entrepreneurship spirit and support and guidance for creating out of box solutions and products.

Some of the important point also has discussed which is more important to faculty members as well as students are mentioned below.

  • Entrepreneurship Initiatives of BIT
  • IIEP Policy Motto
  • Pre-Incubation Support
  • Procedure for availing support
  • Startup Policy
  • Type of Companies Supported & Advantages




  • To become a globally recognized technology-oriented entrepreneurship hub for socioeconomic growth of nation.


  • To encourage faculties and students to inculcate the habit of critical and innovative thinking with entrepreneurship spirit and provide training support and guidance for creating out of box solutions and products.


  • To promote critical thinking amongst student for embedding innovations in academic activities.
  • To provide a platform for converting innovative idea into a full-fledged technology embedded product.
  • To create a large number of technology-driven Startups.


  • Support for Lab and Infrastructure access along with Mentor is offered to group or team from BIT having idea of Potential Startup venture and have not yet formed a company. The idea could be at the initial stage or developing a proof-of-concept.
  • 6 months to 1 year’s support
    Financial Support will also be provided.
    Procedure for availing support
    The Team Submits the proposal to DRIE.
  • Evaluation by Proposal Evaluation Committee (PEC) consisting of Dean (RIE), HOD of Applicant’s Department, Expert Faculty in a related field from Applicant’s Department, one faculty/expert who has successfully created a Startup, one expert faculty related to business management stream of the Institute and/or One expert from related industry (external).
  • UG and PG student can opt their proposal as their final year project based on prior recommendation from Credit Equivalence Committee (based on Academic Ordinances).
  • Final Decision and Award by Startup Standing Committee (SSC) comprising Dean (RIE) - Chairman, Dean (FA), Dean (SA), Dean (UG), Dean (PG), Registrar, HODs of Faculty/Student Department.



  • To motivate and engage students and faculties in startup activities.
  • To facilitate creating a sustainable environment to promote student and faculty members to develop a new startup.
  • To provide ecosystem at Institute for creating new IP, new product, Institute-Industry relation, employability, along with social responsibility.
  • To encourage Faculty and Students to participate in economy creation for nation by imparting their skill and knowledge services to startup companies either as Director/Mentor/Partner without affecting the academic norms-regulations of the Institute.


Two Types of Startup Companies will be encouraged by BIT under this policy:

  • Companies jointly owned by faculty members and/or students with possible partners outside these groups.
  • Companies owned by a faculty member or student along with/without possible /mentors from outside

Ideas that are the direct results of research and innovation carried out by Faculty/ Students of BIT are encouraged to pursue/ initiate business under this policy.

“Accelerating Innovation through WIN”- (06.04.2022)
Dr. G.P. Mishra, Professor, Department of Management, BIT Mesra, Jaipur Campus


Institution’s Innovation Council, BIT Mesra has organized a webinar on "Accelerating Innovation through WIN" on 06.04.22 in MS Teams platform. This webinar intends to reveal the various tools and opportunities available within the WIN platform, and also that provide a live demonstration of WIN tools which help the students in reducing the time to develop products, commercialize, and to market their products with the help of top Indian companies. This webinar conducted for faculty and students for BIT to define and convert their specific needs into a framework as well as achieving the success of new Startups business model and implementation.

“A Journey Called Life” -(24.03.2022)
Mr. Karan Bajaj
Founder & CEO,  White Hat Jr/ BYJU’s Future School

Intellectual Property Rights Awareness Programme -(23.03.2022)
Shri. Dhiren Pattanayak

Examiner of Patents & Designs (Group A – Gazetted.) Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT),
Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India.

Future of Block Chain & Crypto Currency -(13.03.22)
Mr. Ajay Pathak
Industry Expert,  Crypto University

Science Engineering Technology Synergy for Sustainable Growth-(28.02.22)
Prof. Indranil Manna
Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, BIT Mesra Ranchi

Technology Interventions on Bio-Fuel Production using Municipal and Industrial Organic Solid Waste for Enhanced Thermal Conversion Efficient- (28.02.22)

Dr. P. Shanmugam
Head of Dept.& Chief Scientist, Professor of AcSIR Environmental Science Department

Institution’s Innovation Council, Birla Institute of Technology Mesra organized a webinar on the topic " Technology Interventions on Bio-Fuel Production using Municipla and Industrial Organic Solid Waste for Enhanced Thermal Conversion Efficient" by Dr. P. Shanmugam 28.02.22 in Hybrid Mode. More than 100 participants attended the Webinar in the CAT Hall BIT Mesra Ranchi.


                                                                                    Mr. John Kuruvilla
       Chief Mentor of BRIGADE-REAP

Department of Management in collaboration with Institute Innovation Council, BIT Mesra, has organized Startup Awareness program on 16.02.22 under the Team Sustainability, Department of Management, i.e., “STARTNREV “is a group of startups encouraging students to become Job creators instead of Job seekers. STARTNREV is a crew of entrepreneurs are on a journey across India on Electric Motorcycles and stopping at 25 colleges en route and present startups and case studies using Electric Vehicles.This event was named Bharat mala. Bharat Mala is a journey of 1000 miles starts with a small leap of faith on two EV motorcycles through 25 states, stopping at 25 colleges en-route to spread the message of entrepreneurship using the creation of the world's 1st EV Ecosystem in India.

Mission: - A journey around India to encourage students to become Job creators instead of Job seekers!!!

The speakers in the webinar were Mr. John Kuruvilla Chief Mentor of BRIGADE-REAP, Mr. Sourabh Kumar Founder of Pothole Raja, Ms. Ranjita Ravi Director of Orxa Energies, Mr. Romi Chugh Co-Founder of SpareIt. In today's Digital 1st environment, India requires young entrepreneurs to take advantage of the country's expanding commercial opportunities. They are encouraging individuals to be self-reliant in making decisions about supplying resources and producing wealth and employment through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Career Pathways on AI: Academia, Industry and Entrepreneurship

Ms. Sohini Roy Chowdhury

Senior Manager, Digital Strategy, AI Expert Accenture & Adjunct Professor Santa Clara University

The Entrepreneurial Journey Behind Building the Incredible Indian Startup Ecosystem Platform -YNOS -30.01.22
Mr. Ramesh Kuruva 
CEO-YNOS Venture Engine CC Pvt. Ltd.

Orientation Session IIC 4.0 -(24.01.22)

Mr. Dipan Kumar Sahu
Assistant Innovation Director, MoE Innovation Cell

Hindrance Faced by Entrepreneurs- (24.08.21)
Mr. Nitin Jain

Co-Founder/CEO. Indidni Group

Session on Accelerators /Incubation- (16.08.21)
Ms. Anindita Bose
Co-Founder CEO and partner at Aspersion

Lean Startup and Minimum Viable Product-(12.07.21)
Mr. Ashutosh Kumar
Advisor, Ph.D Chamber of Commerce  and Industry