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Institution’s Innovation Council  -BIT Mesra

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Chandrayaan-3 Mahotsav

4th-8th September 2023

Institution’s Innovation Council BIT Mesra Ranchi in collaboration with Rocketry and Space Engineering Department BIT Mesra Ranchi organized the Chandrayan-3 Mahotsav on 4th-8th September 2023 in the G.P. Birla Auditorium of BIT Mesra, Ranchi, Jharkhand. The program commenced at 3:45 P.M. Dr. Priyank Kumar, Head, Rocketry and Space Engineering Department BIT Mesra and Coordinator of ARIIA delivered the talk about the Chandryaan-3 journey to moon. After the session a panel discussion was held by Dr. P. V. Venkita Krishnan, retired, distinguished scientist and former Director at the Indian Space Research Organization. The discussion stimulated the minds of one and all and instilled a sense of pride in the newest achievement of the nation in the field of space exploration. This was followed by the first round of the General Quiz, a team event conducted by ‘UNESQUO’- The United Engineers’ Speaking and Quizzing Organization. The event was attended by Dr. Bhaskar Karn, Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Yogender Aggarwal,
Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Anand Pd Sinha, Co-Convenor, IIC-BIT, Mr. Vishal H. Shah, Associate Dean, AIR & EDC Coordinator, and Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Chairperson, Value Education Cell. The total 1200 students were attended this session. The event ended at 7:45 P.M

One day Workshop on
“Web 3.0 Technology and opportunity of Startups in Blockchain Space”

On August 26, 2023, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, the Institution's Innovation Council (IIC-BIT) organized a one-day workshop on "Web 3.0 Technology and Opportunity of Startups in Blockchain Space" in association with the Finance Club (FC) and the Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC). The main goal of this session is to motivate and educate participants about the wealth of options present in the Web3 startup ecosystem, enabling them to explore novel concepts and participate to the continuing decentralized technology-driven transformation of sectors. 250 students from several higher education institutions, including BIT Mesra, NIMT, IIIT, Sarla Birla University, RTC Engineering College, CIT Engineering College, and Usha Martin University Ranchi, participated in this session.

Prof. Indranil Manna, the honorable vice chancellor who delivered the opening remarks for this session, spoke online to the audience about the significance of Web 3.0 technology and the blockchain industry. He emphasized the use of technology and asked everyone to participate in the creation of a product for the advancement of civilization. His opening speech was insightful and signaled the beginning of a journey into the world of startups and technology. Dr. C. Jeganathan, Dean RIE and President of IIC-BIT, took the stage, the event's enthusiasm kept increasing.His address further enriched the audience's understanding of the event's significance.  Dr. K. Sridhar Patnaik, Convenor IIC-BIT, took the stage to share his thoughts about the blockchain technology. The symphony of insightful addresses continued as Dr. Bhaskar Karn, the Dean of Student Affairs and Vice-President of IIC-BIT, took the podium.  The spotlight then shifted to industry stalwarts - Mr. Abhishek Sagar, the visionary CEO of Zuraverse; Mr. Arpan Mondal, the trailblazing CEO of MegaVerse DeFi, and Mr. Subham Surana, the ingenious Founder of DEVs Dungeons. As the clock struck 3:00 PM, the event culminated with Dr. Anand Pd. Sinha, Co-convenor & Faculty advisor, Finance Club expressed heartfelt gratitude. This marked the end of a thought-provoking event that not only showcased the unity of academia and innovation but also left an indelible trail of inspiration.

The main benefits of attending the workshop for the students: 

  • Learn about Web 3.0, the next generation of the internet, and Contribution of MNCs from Facebook to Google on building in this space.
  • Expand knowledge about various decentralized technologies like Blockchain, Metaverse, NFTs, etc.
  • Learn about Career opportunities in the Web3 space, and Shift in the current job market towards new revolution of Web3 and AI/ML.
  • Mentoring on building your career/startup as a Blockchain developer.
  • Expanding Web3 network by connecting with like-minded individuals.
  • Showcasing students Web3 projects, and fostering collaboration within the community.


03-05 March 2023


(A Technical Case Study Competition)


 Design Thinking  for Startups & Entrepreneurship 

27th -28th February 2023

Celebrating National Science Day 

Industrial Visit 

Pratik Multifilms Pvt. Ltd 

 Krishna Nagar Booti, Ranchi


Institution’s Innovation Council BIT Mesra organized as Industrial Visit to Pratik Multifilms Private Ltd. Krishna Nagar Booti, Ranchi on 25.02.2023. Pratik Multifilms is a plastic manufacturing company which is the manufacturer of HM Liner Bags, Packaging film, biodegradable Bag & Agricultural Mulch Film. The visit was conducted by Dr. Anand Pd. Sinha, Co-Convenor IIC-BIT, for a group of 25 students from different branches i.e., Mechanical, Production & Engineering, Chemical and Bio-Technology Department, BIT Mesra, Ranchi. Mr. Pratik Dayal, Chairman (Pratik Multifilms) and Mr. Amit Kaushik, GM, interacted with the students and told them about the process of plastic manufacturing. The students got to see the processes by which the plastic is manufactured and also about how the manufactured plastic is processed to make it suitable for packaging purposes. It was a very good experience for the students as they got to gain some practical experience regarding the different manufacturing principles which are taught to them in their syllabus. 

One -Week Workshop Report
Satellites Manufacturing
(Design Thinking, Critical thinking and Innovation Design)
13/02/23 to 17/02/2023

Institution’s innovation council (IIC-BIT Mesra) in collaboration with Space Engineering and Rocketry Department, Birla Institute of Technology organized a one-week workshop on “Satellites Manufacturing” under the Design Thinking, Critical thinking and Innovation Design during 13-17th Feb, 2023 in association with AICTE IDEA Lab.   In this workshop introduced the satellites, CubeSat/CanSat design, deployment and hands on Session, Prototype testing etc. This one-week workshop has inaugurated on 13th Feb at 10.30am in Seminar Hall-1 R& D Building, BIT Mesra Ranchi.  The Chief Guest/Speaker on this session former ISRO scientist Shri B. A. Subramani the ‘Station Director’ of ISRO’s Upagrah Amateur Radio Club, and Prof.  R.R Elangovan, Professor of Aeronautical Engg, KCG College Of Technology and a colleague of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The Welcome address was given by Dr. Priyank Kumar, Prof. In Charge, Space Engineering and Rocketry Department, ARIIA Coordinator and Member of IIC-BIT, followed by Prof. Sudip Das, Professor, Space Engineering and Rocketry & Dean (Admission), and Dr. S S Solanki, Head, Electronics and Communication Engineering Dept., Dr. Bhaskar Karn, Dean of Student Affairs. Dr. Bhaskar Karn felicitated the Chief Guests at the end of the inaugural session. The vote of thanks was given by. Dr. Chandreyee Sarkar, Assistant Professor, Electronics & Comm. Engg.  Dr. Rupesh Kr Sinha, and Dr. G K Mishra of ECE Dept and Dr. Dr. Aftab Alam, of EEE Dept coordinated the activities and other faculty members Dr. K. Sridhar Patnaik, Associate Dean and Convenor (IIC-BIT), Dr. Anand Pd. Sinha, Co-convenor (IIC-BIT), Dr. Vijat Nath, IIC members were present during the session. The event was attended by many Research scholars and more than 45 Students (UG/PG). After attending this workshop, students learnt the basics of satellites and it's launched and obtained the signals from NOAA satellite using simple hand Mande antenna. They prepared 10 CanSat models and successfully tested.

Annual  Technical Fest -E-Summit '23

27-28 Jan 2023

Entrepreneurship Development Cell BIT Mesra collaboration with Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) BIT Mesra organized an annual  Technical Fest  i.e E-Summit. E-Summit '23 aims to bring together seasoned entrepreneurs, industry experts, and enthusiastic learners on a single stage to foster exemplary ideas. The three-day summit of the Entrepreneurship and Development Cell (EDC), BIT Mesra - kicked off on the 27th of January 2023 at 6 P.M. with a lamp-lighting ceremony in the presence of prominent figures from the industry, experts from various fields, and students from across the country.

The event had Titanium Mahindra as its Title Partner, BMW Motor rad as its Association Partner, co powered by Nissan and Zionverse, Acelt as Food Partner, Statex as Startup Partner, Psyber Duck as its Technology Partner, Floxus as its Tech head Partner, and Venture Labs as its Growth Partner.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Anudeep and Mudgha Shukla and attended by Dean of Student Affairs Dr Bhaskar Karn, EDC Faculty Advisor Vishal H Shah, Dean of Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship & President of IIC -BIT, Dr. C Jeganathan, Dean Faculty Affairs, Dr Kunal Mukhopadhyay, Mr Anshul Rustaggi, and Registrar Prof. Sandip Dutta.

The speaker of the night, Mr Anshul Rastogi, shared his journey from a service-based job to his success as an entrepreneur. This was followed by a Q&A session.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks by the Vice President of EDC, Tanish Gupta.

In this E-summit, the total 12-15 event organized and one of the events which is related to Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude and Behavior Development i.e. “ANCIENT ENTREPRENEURS” which is test of knowledge about startups and Entrepreneurs for the students and they showcase their knowledge and develop their own startup.

Seminar on 

Achieving Problem Solution & Product Market Fit

Through Intellectual Property


Institution’s Innovation Council, BIT Mesra Ranchi in collaboration with Finance Club (FC) BIT Mesra and IPR cell organized an offline seminar on “Achieving Problem Solution & Product Market Fit Through Intellectual Property Right” on 27.01.23 in Seminar Hall 1 R&D building, BIT Mesra Ranchi. The Gust of this session was Mr.Vedant Pujari, Accures Legal (Founding Partner) New Delhi. The main focus of this session is encouraging to protect our research and innovation through IP/Patent. In this Session Mr Vedant Pujari has discussed various aspects of IPR, converting Idea to Patent, Patent Rights and many other aspects related to patenting and help to assist us on the Patent related matter and specifically, how we can expedite this process also. A warm welcoming address was given by Dr. C Jeganathan, Dean RIE and President, IIC-BIT Mesra briefly introduced & importance of IPR. In this seminar some various points have discussed also which are,

1.         IP awareness with a focus on Patents.
2.         Developing ideas from a patent point of view.
3.         Important steps post idea generation.
4.         Rights of the Applicant vs. Inventors.
5.         IP Cell Creation for idea generation and securing IP assets for the University and

6.         Inclusion of inventor’s names on Patent Grant Certificate.
7.         Question & Answer Session.













Robotics Exhibition


Robots are going to be a major part of the world economy, helping people in doing repetitive tasks, solving complex problems and exploring hard to reach and dangerous places. Following this trend Robolution, the official robotics club with collaboration with Institution’s Innovation Council, BIT Mesra, Ranchi presented a Robotics Exhibition on 26th January, 2023. The exhibition aimed to promote an innovative attitude and instil robotics temperament among the visitors and students of the college. The exhibition witnessed presence of more than 70 people including Prof. Indranil Manna, Vice Chancellor, BIT Mesra and Chief Mentor IIC, Prof. C. Jeganathan, Dean RIE & President IIC, Dr. Bhaskar Karn, Dean (SA) & Vice-President IIC, Lt. Col. Praveen Thakur, Commanding Officer, Jharkhand CTC, NCC and many others.

The exhibition showcased different Robots having a perfect amalgamation of both hardware and software which can be used in industries, restaurants, hospitals, battlefields etc. A Wall follower robot was showcased which can be used to move goods in industries and hospitals by following a wall. A human Follower Robot which follows a person by detecting him/her was also shown. This robot can be used as an assistant to carry important accessories for soldiers. A Hand Gesture Controlled Robot was made that allows the movement of a vehicle by reading movements of hand. This project & exhibition can be used to make vehicles which can be controlled by soldiers on the battlefield.

Workshop on
 “Prime Minister Employment Generation Scheme” 
To Start your Own Business Through Technological Intervention” 


The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Ministry of MSME, Government of India, in Collaboration with Institution’s Innovation Council BIT Mesra, Ranchi and coordinated by EDC, Finance Club & Unnat Bharat Abhiyan is organized a workshop on “Prime Minister Employment Generation Scheme to Start your Own Business Through Technological Intervention” on 21.01.2023 at 11.00 am onwards in seminar hall-1 R&D building BIT Mesra Ranchi. This workshop was inaugurated by Prof. (Dr.) Kunal Mukhopadhyay, Dean faculty Affairs, BIT Mesra and warm welcoming address was given by Dr. Anand Prasad Sinha, Co-Convenor, IIC BIT & Faculty Advisor, Finance Club. After the welcoming address, Dr Rajeev Kumar, Organizing Secretary, briefly introduced & importance of workshop. Dr. K Sridhar Patnaik Convenor IIC-BIT talk about the technology innovation and entrepreneurship followed by Dr. C Jeganathan, Dean RIE and President (IIC) (IIC-BIT). The Chief Guest of this workshop is Mr. Sandeep Sonawane, Director, Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC). The objective of this workshop to generate continuous and sustainable employment opportunities in Rural and Urban areas of the country through setting up of new self-employment ventures / projects / micro enterprises. The vote of thanks given by Dr. Richa Pandey conveyed the closing remarks in this workshop and thanked all the dignitaries and faculty of BIT Mesra & students. The total participant in this workshop more than 50 + students & 10 faculty members were present.



YOU CAN INVENT  -29th Dec 2022

Institute’s Innovation Council, BIT Mesra Ranchi organized an invited seminar “YOU CAN INVENT” a motivational session by successful innovators by Mr. Praveen Vettiyattil, CEO, YCI Technologies Pvt. Ltd Thrissur, Kerala and  (MS from University of Southern California, USA) on 29th  Dec 2022 .This talk was organized with aim to motivate young minds and research scholars of our institute towards innovation and product development. In his talk, mentioned about the famous inventors of India whose inventions have resulted in generating million-dollar companies and revenues such as Dr. Sunita Mitra, Dr. Mridula Nair, Dr Ayay Bhatt (contributed to the area of USB and Pen-drive technology), Amar Bose and so on. Mr. Praveen also mentioned about the Indian heritage of innovators from ancient times such as great mathematicians like Madhava, Bhaskara and so on. Mr. Praveen showed the videos of some of his own inventions such flood barrier system, pedal powered water lifting machine with backstop. The speaker also mentioned that what are the key areas where young students and innovators can apply their new ideas. He recommended inventions related to farmers or normal household items can be more successful as compared to the efforts put by new innovators in the field of already established sectors like automobiles, defence sectors or even nuclear energy. This talk was attended by near 36 participants online.The talk was organized by Dr. Vimal Kumar Singh Yadav (IIC- Member and Assistant Professor, ECE, BIT Mesra) with key support from Prof. C. Jeganathan (Dean Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and President, IIC-BIT Mesra), Dr. Anand P. Sinha (Co-Convenor, IIC), Dr. K. Sridhar Patnaik (Convenor, IIC).

“BIT NIHSAN-22”-  Innovation Contest 

                     5th Nov 2022                                                                                     

Institution’s Innovation Council, BIT Mesra Ranchi in collboration with Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) and Finance Club (FC) has conducted its annual an Innovation Contest named as BIT-NISHAN((Neoteric-Indigenous- Scientific, Harmonious-Adaptive-Novelty). On the occasion of “World Entrepreneurs Day”IIC-BIT organized a “Business Plan Competition”, it’s a Pre-Qualifier event of BIT NISHAN-22. In Business Plan Competition total 15 teams were registered from BIT Mesra and its off campuses & University Polytechnic and after that 6 teams got qualified for the next final round of “BIT NIHSAN-22” which is held on 5th Nov 2022 in Seminar Hall-2, R&D Building, BIT Mesra, Ranchi. These 6 teams were given a Cash Prize of Rs. 10,000 to jump-start their work and present a prototype product in the final round of BIT NISHAN-22. In this event  all 6 teams presented their prototype product and 4 teams got the seed money of Rs. 1 lakh to start their work as an entrepreneur.

The event was inaugurated by Mr. Vishal H. Shah ,Faculty Advisor (EDC) , Dr. C. Jeganathan, Dean RIE & President at IIC-BIT, Dr Kunal Mukhopadhyay Dean, Faculty Affaire, DR Bhaskar Karn, Dean, Students Affaire & Vice President at IIC BIT , DR. K Sridhar Patnaik Associate Dean, Associate dean and Convenor , IIC-BIT it was followed by a special Address and planetary talk on the topic : " 5 hacks for college entrepreneurs" by MR Atul Singhal CEO and Co-founder at Cuvette a company specializing in quality internships and jobs for college students It was followed by a vote of thanks by Dr Anand Pd. Sinha Co-Convenor, IIC & Faculty Advisor at Finance Club. The judges of this BIT NISHAN, Dr. Vinay Sharma, Dr. Ashok Sharon, Dr. Chatterjee and Mr. Atul Singhal. In the valedictory session Dr. Rohini Jha has given a vote of thanks.


All Six teams pitching session name has mentioned below.

Team:  Elyvate, BIT Mesra

Team: Wheel Rover, Department of Management, BIT Mesra

Team : Beverage Truck, BIT Lalpur

Team: Venture Labs, BIT Mesra

Team : Housekeeping Hygiene Solution, University Polytechnic, BIT  Mesra

Team : Kards, BIT Mesra

The final 4 teams were selected for BIT NISHAN-22 i.e.

All the 4 each teams from IIC BIT Mesra will receive 1 lakh rupees for start their work as an entrepreneur.



5-Hacks for College Entrepreneurs
5th Nov 2022       

Institute’s Innovation Council, BIT Mesra Ranchi in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) and Finance Club (FC) has conducted its annual an Innovation Contest named as BIT-NISHAN-22 on 5th Nov 2022. Before starting the event Mr. Atul Singhal ,Co-Founder & CEO of CUVETTE delivered the session “5 hacks for college entrepreneurs" and also talked about the story of Successful Entrepreneur and how to Start-up from college and how students can spend productive time in college and find their interests/passion. CUVETTE is a platform that connects Indian students with global startups to give them the right exposure. CUVETTE have 3500+ partner companies from India, USA & Singapore, and more than 1 lakh college students trust Cuvette to connect with startups. Mr. Atul Singhal  graduated from IIT Kharagpur in 2020 and started his startup Cuvette in his final years. He has also been a visiting researcher in Belgium and has worked on building various products involving Hyperspectral imaging, Digital Signal processing, etc. In this session more than 50 students and 12 faculty members were present.