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  1. To facilitate state of the art Education and Research at Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral levels to enable to perform challenging engineering and managerial jobs in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. 
  2. To build national capabilities in Technology, Education and Research in emerging areas in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. 
  3. To create an environment to provide excellent Research and Development facilities to strengthen Ph.D. programmes and Research Projects. 
  4. To provide excellent Technological Services to bridge the gap between Academics and Industry in order to fulfil the overall academic needs of the society. 
  5. To provide high quality Course Structure in order to turn out qualified professionals to meet the engineering needs of the country.
  6. To develop effective Teaching Skills and the Research Potentials of the faculty members. 
  7. To ensure All Round Development of the students and to create a platform for turning out engineering professionals who can assume leadership position in society.