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  • The Department has modern laboratories and support facilities in all major areas of Electronics andCommunication. These include: Analog and Digital Communication, Digital Electronics and Integrated Circuits, Circuit Simulation, Microprocessor, Fiber Optics Communication, Instrumentation, VLSI Design, Wireless Networking, Microwave, Advanced Communication, Antenna Design, and Microwave Integrated Circuit (MIC).


  • The Communication laboratories are well equipped with Analog Communication kits (like Amplitude Modulation & Demodulation, Frequency modulation & Demodulation, Phase Modulation & Demodulation, and Noise Generator) and Digital Communication Kits (like PCM, DM, PPM, ADM, ASK, FSK, PSK & QAM). Cosmism Software is also available in the laboratory for designing of wired, wireless and mobile communication systems.
  • The Fiber Optic Laboratory is well-equipped with Optical to Electrical Converters, Electrical to Optical converters, He-Ne Laser Source, Argon-ion Laser Source, Tunable Laser Source, Optical Spectrum Analyzer, Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, LED and LD Sources, Monochromator, various types of Photo-Detectors, Couplers, Multiplexers, CCD camera, BSO crystal, Vibration Isolation Table, Newport Kit, Falcon Kits and various types of fibers. Recently, Beam Prop software has been installed in the laboratory. It will aid in designing various Optical Components, Optical Fibers, Optical Switching, and Fiber Bragg Grating etc. Several research projects are ongoing with the existing facilities.
  • Department also has an Advanced Instrumentation Lab which includes Data Acquisition Cards (DAC) from National Instruments and Lab View software for real time calibration and measurement experiments. This lab also has acquired a new PLC of Mitsubishi make.
  • The Department has a well-equipped VLSI Design lab. Primary area of research in VLSI lab consists of full-custom Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) and processors involving analog, digital and mixed signal processing. For this purpose the Cadence software is available which provides full custom with front end and back end facility. Also the Laboratory is equipped with other software like Active HDL, Synplify Pro, Xilinx ISE and Model Sim. There is provision for downloading the VHDL code to FPGA / CPLD Kits namely Vertex, Spartran etc., which will help students to gain hands-on experience in the area of VLSI design.
  • The Advanced Communication Lab is equipped with GPS Trainer Kit, Satellite Communication Trainer Kit, Mobile Communication Trainer Kit and CDMA Trainer Kit. This Laboratory also has Scalar Network Analyzer with Plotter (22 GHz), Spectrum Analyzer spanning 9 KHz to 22GHz range, Sweep Oscillators for 5.9 to 12.4 GHz, 22GHz Microwave Frequency Counter, Pattern Generator and Sweamer Generator.
  • The Antenna Lab is equipped with most sophisticated and modern equipments such as Vector Network Analyzer (N5230A, 10 MHz - 20 GHz), R & S Signal Generator (SMR20, 1 GHz - 20 GHz), R & S Spectrum Analyzer (FSP, 9 KHz - 30 GHz), MIC Kit for s-parameter characterization of Microwave Integrated Circuits, Antenna measurement facility and a small Anechoic Chamber. The Lab also has design software such as IE3D, Fidelity, and MD Spice.
  • The MIC Fabrication Lab has been setup with Ultra Violet exposure, Ovens, Spinners, all required for fabrication of high precision microwave integrated circuits. The laboratory is also supplemented with software Sonnet used for simulation of all kinds of microwave circuits.
  • An International Center for Wireless and Mobile Communication has been incorporated to the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, BIT Mesra, under ASIA-LINK programme.