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Research :-

Research activities in the Department of Mechanical Engineering are aligned towards knowledge advancement, innovation, and multidisciplinary research. Faculty members in Mechanical Engineering Department carry out research in their areas of interest in collaboration with research scholars, doctoral scholars, and other researchers. The department has strong research collaborations with several universities, governments, and industries. The department encourages undergraduate and postgraduate students to do research by providing an environment of innovation and discovery by exposing them to the current research thrust areas.

Major Research Area:-

  • Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
  • Biomechanics
  • Combustion and Energy Systems
  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Dynamics and Control
  • Materials and Structures
  • Vibrations, Acoustics and Fluid-Structure Interaction

Projects Sanctioned:

Title of the project Principal Investigator Funding Agency  Amount (Rs)
DST Consoria project (Joint Project Proposal of VIT, Vellore, CLRI (CSIR) Chennai, and BIT, Mesra ). Dr. Rajeev Kumar DST Total Project Cost- 4.25 Cr. BIT Contribution 91 Lakhs
Liquid-liquid flow through horizontal non-uniform cross-section tubes coupled with return bend.

Dr. Mukesh Sharma

TEQIP Collaborative Research Scheme

20.91 Lakhs
Development of a 3D CLSVOF based multiphase solver for different Density & Viscosity Ratio Fluids.

Dr. Lakhbir Brar

TEQIP Collaborative Research Scheme 10.81 Lakhs

Development and characterization of under - water friction stir welding (UWFSW) process.

Dr. Ratnesh Kumar

TEQIP Collaborative Research Scheme

13.82 Lakhs
Bobbin Tool Friction Stir Welding of Aluminium to Copper. Dr. Chandrahas Patel TEQIP Collaborative Research Scheme 10.67 Lakhs
Development of energy efficient Texture Bearing for improving the performance of rotor system. Dr. Faisal Rahmani TEQIP Collaborative Research Scheme 19.83 Lakhs

Cost effective building integrated photovoltaic thermal system with inbuilt water heating system

Dr. Om Prakash TEQIP Collaborative Research Scheme 18.45 Lakhs
Unnat Bharat Abhiyan project Dr. Rajeev Kumar MHRD 7 Lakhs


Projects Completed (Last 3 Years):-

Title of the project

Principal Investigator

Funding Agency 

Amount (Rs)

Design and Development of a 6 DoF Gough-Stewart Platform for Virtual Simulators with Pneumatic Actuators

Dr. Arun Dayal Udai

SMC Pneumatics (India) Pvt. Ltd.

2.35 Lakhs