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The Department has Power System Lab, Control System Lab, Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation Lab, Electrical Machines Lab, Power Electronics Lab, Soft Computing Lab and Virtual Instrumentation and Signal Processing Lab., Drives Lab., Electrical Workshop, Smart Grid Lab. The major equipments in Power System Lab are generator protection scheme, static VAR compensator, network analyzer, power factor controller, induction type and numerical relays, 3-phase transformers etc. The main equipments in Control System Lab includes inverted pendulum, bouncing ball apparatus, coupled tank control, Mechatronics kit, and a range of DSP kits including TMS320C2812, TMS320C6713, TMS320C5416, dSpace ACE kit (1102 & 1104), DSP starter kit. Machine Lab consists of a number of sets of 3-phase induction motor, D.C. motor and generator set, alternators and transformers. The Department has been chosen by DIT, Govt. of India Under National Mission of Power Electronics Technology (NaMPET) for establishing advanced Power Electronics Laboratory and to create manpower in the area of power Electronics. The major equipments in power electronics lab are three Phase Inverter Stack for PWM Inverter, Semikron, Spartan-3 Based FPGA Board including Power Module and Motor (DC, BLDC and IM), High voltage passive probe( 100:1), 4KV, JTAG Emulator, for interfacing the DSP, XDSS510PP, d-Space add-on cards Crane Software , dSPACE-1104, Three phase power quality analyzer, Fluke 434, Digital Power meter, Yokogawa, Japan, Arbitrary Function Generator  AFG 3102, Programmable Power Supplies Agilent-6030A, 4-Ch DSO, Tektronicx-TPS2024, 2-channel DSO3102, 2-channel ,10 Mhz Function generator 33210A, Passive Current probe Tektronicx etc.

Other than Control System, Power System, Electrical Machines, Power Electronics Labs, the department also enjoys the central facility created under TEQIP for Soft Computing Lab, Virtual Instrumentation and signal Processing Lab where students performs their simulation, design and implementation of the real time problem using MATLAB and its toolboxes, PSIM, PSCAD, Labview PCI6221 – M series, ETAP, integrated engineering software, Data logger Net. etc. The department has also high standard facility of project workshop with equipments like QMAX V200 Model (Fault Finding Machine) and PACE Soldering & De-soldering station. The Department has OPEL-RT-Lab, a real-time simulation platform for high – fidelity plant simulation, control system prototyping & embedded data acquisition & control.

Department Laboratories :-

  • Basic Electrical Laboratory
  • Electrical Machines Lab.
  • Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation Lab.
  • Power Electronics Lab.
  • Soft Computing and Virtual Instrumentation & Signal Processing Lab.
  • Power System Lab.
  • Control System Lab.
  • Project Lab.
  • Process Measurement & Contorl Lab.
  • Lighting Project Lab.
  • Electrical Workshop
  • Smart Grid Lab.
  • Magneto Optic Material Based Lab.
  • Drives Lab.