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B.E.: Admission to BE Programs depends on the rank of the candidate. Seat allocation at the BIT, Mesra, will be done strictly on the basis of All India rank (AIR) in JEE-Main through CSAB.

For details please follow the link:

M.E.: Selected on the basis of only valid GATE score. Non-Gate applicants will get a chance if seats are not filled-up by GATE qualified candidates. In this case Non-Gate candidates need to qualify written test and viva-voce conducted by BIT,Mesra at Mesra campus.

For details please follow the link:

(There is also a possibility for sponsored candidate depending on the availability)

Ph.D. entrance test is conducted at Mesra Campus for Ph.D. aspirants. Candidates are required to obtain minimum qualifying marks.

There are two advertisements for Ph.D. programmes annually.

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The elective courses offered to UG students in the EEE department are:

  1. EE 7211 Computer Aided Power System Analysis
  2. EE 7213 Microprocessor Applications
  3. EE 7215 Bio-Electronics Instrumentation
  4. EE 7217 Neural Network
  5. MEE 1119 Control System Design
  6. MEE 1151 Advanced Power Electronics
  7. EE 7212 Computer Aided Power System Analysis Sessional
  8. EE 7214 Microprocessor Applications Laboratory
  9. EE 7216 Bio-Electronics Instrumentation Laboratory
  10. EE 7218 Neural Network laboratory
  11. EE 7220 Control System Design Laboratory
  12. EE 7222 Advanced Power Electronics Laboratory
  13. EE 8211 Information Technology
  14. EE 8213 Robotics
  15. EE 8215 High Voltage Engineering
  16. EE 8217 EHV Power Transmission
  17. EE 8219 Fundamentals of Communication System
  18. EE 8221 Utilization of Electrical Power
  19. EE 8223 Artificial Intelligence
  20. MEE 2115 Embedded System and Applications
  21. MEE 2101 Soft Computing Techniques
  22. MEE 2157 Renewable Sources of Electrical Energy
  23. EE 8225 Applied Control Theory
  24. EE 8227 VLSI Design
  25. EE 8229 Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Equipment

The elective courses offered to PG students in the EEE department are:

  1. MEE 1155 Dynamic Analysis of Electrical Machines
  2. MEE 1159 Chaos, Fractals and Dynamical Systems
  3. MEE 1137 Modeling and Simulation of Power Electronics Systems
  4. MEE 2151 Advanced DSP Architecture and Programming
  5. MEE 2157 Renewable Source of Electrical Energy
  6. MEE 2115 Embedded System and Applications
  7. MEE 2133 Power Electronics System Design

The specializations offered in the EEE department are:

  • Power Electronics
  • Power System
  • Control System

The opportunities given to the EEE students related to co-curricular activities are:

  • Industrial trips
  • Industry projects in 7th & 8th semesters
  • Industry training during Summer & Winter Vacations
  • IEEE student chapter activities
  • EEE society
  • IET student chapter
  • IETE student chapter activities
  • Competition conducted by Texas instruments, etc.

Opportunities related to extra-curricular activities are:

  • PT/Games/NSS
  • Participation in competitions in other reputed institutes, etc.

The different laboratories present in the EEE department are :

  • Basic Electrical Engineering Lab
  • Electrical Machines Lab
  • Electrical Measurements & Instrumentation Lab
  • Process Control Lab
  • Control System Lab
  • Power System Lab
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • Electrical Workshop
  • Simulation Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • Drives Lab
  • Smart Grid Lab
  • Magneto-optic sensor lab
  • Lightning Lab

Among the industries, few of them are:

  • SAIL
  • BARC
  • BSNL
  • ISRO etc.

Sl. No.

Title of

Seminar / Conferences / Short – term Courses / Workshop


Funding / Sponsoring Agency

Date of Seminar / Conferences / Short – term Courses


National Workshop on Power Electronics

Dr. P. R. Thakura


July 7-8, 2014


Workshop on Control  Systems

Dr. V. Laxmi


Dec .2-12, 2014


One  week workshop on  Advanced Microcontroller   Applications

Dr. P. R. Thakura


Feb. 2-8, 2015


National Workshop on Intelligent Computational Technique Applications 

Dr. V. Laxmi Jharkhand Council of Science & Technology, Ranchi 23-27 November, 2015

Mentorship program is followed for every batch that is admitted in EEE department. Every faculty member is allotted 4-5 students from every batch admitted in EEE, BIT. All issues regarding academics, food & lodging can be discussed and resolved through mentors allotted to every student.

Different broad fields are:

  • Power system
  • Control system
  • Power electronics
  • Sensor design
  • Hybrid electric Vehicle
  • Smart grid
  • Drives
  • Image Processing
  • Optimization techniques
  • DSP applications