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The Department of Civil Engineering has well equipped laboratories related to various specializations such as Surveying, Structural Engineering, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Hydraulics, Building Materials, Transportation Engineering, Rock Mechanics, Environmental Science and Engineering and a Computer Laboratory. The field tests generate topics for the advanced laboratory courses in the respective areas.

The Department has facilities for –

  • Field-testing in Geotechnical Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Non-Destructive Testing Equipment for Structural Engineering.
  • Environmental sample testing

The Laboratories of the Civil Engineering department are:

  • Concrete and Road Materials Laboratory 
  • Hydraulics Laboratory  
  • Soil Mechanics Laboratory 
  • Structural Engineering Laboratory  
  • Surveying Laboratory 
  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory

Some Major Laboratory Equipment includes:

Carbonation chamber, Accelerated curing tank, ACM Instrumentation, Rapid Chloride Penetration, Concrete Maturity meter, Heat of hydration, half-cell potentiometer, Rebound hammer, Cover Meter, Core Cutter, Pulveriser, UPV tester, Static – cum- Cyclic triaxial testing machine, Laser diffraction particle size analyser, Automatic soil compactor, Relative density testing equipment, Consolidation bench, Large box shear test, Computerized direct shear apparatus, Digital meter, Shaking water bath, Probe Sonicator, TCLP Rotary Agitator, Peristaltic pump, Quartz distillation apparatus, Nephlo turbidity meter, Total Station, Microwave Digestion System, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Respirable Dust Sampler, NOx Analyser, CO Analyser, Muffle Furnace, BOD Incubator, Rotary Agitation Apparatus for TCLP.

Some Computational Facilities include PLAXIS, Geostudio (SLOPE/W, SEEP/W, QUAKE/W, SIGMA/W, TEMP/W), MODFLOW, STUDS, Bentley Academic Bundle, SPSS, MATLAB.