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The Centre is equipped with specialized laboratories with workstations available for conducting laboratory sessions in diverse areas. 

  • State of the art chair to provide a repository to conduct research in Quantitative Economics
  • State of the art facility for conducting research in Computer Vision, Big Data Analytics, Socio-Economic Network Mapping, Cloud Computing etc. 
  • All the laboratories are internally networked allowing students to remotely access resources at any point in time. The Institute has a High-Performance Computing (HPC) resource, which provides support to numerous departmental and interdepartmental research activities. Specialized labs for Machine Learning, Intelligence systems, IoT and Computational Intelligence have been established to support teaching and research in novel areas


Additionally, the department also has two sponsored labs: the Digital Innovation Lab and the Advanced Data Science Lab.

The Digital Innovation Lab is an industry-academia partnership between Adrosonic & Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. The digital innovation lab which will focus on emerging areas of technology. The students would be trained on latest technologies such as robotics, automation, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality and cloud software. Adrosonic provides professional services for digital transformation leveraging the world’s leading technologies and have operations in major countries of the world, including India, UK, USA and a few Latin American committees.

The Advanced Data Science Lab for FinTech established in collaboration with the State Bank of India focuses on risk governance, responsible banking and innovation. The collaboration includes training & development as well as creation of a knowledge bank.

Last Updated - 23-May-2024