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Space Rocks; Always in Flight!


We, Space Rocks, have been orbiting since 7th November 2023!

Our activities are fully student-centric, voluntary, and potentially enriching. Some of the activities we undertake, and have in the works, are:

~ Technical sessions on space and rocketry: conducted on specific contemporary topics by faculty members, external speakers, and students

~ Documentary sessions and discussions: history of space travel, new missions, space technologies

~ Workshops: mission design and rocket modeling, astrophotography, technical communication

~ Field trips: organized around launch events, important space activities, planetariums

~ Sky gazing: selected astronomical events per month

~ Competitions: organization within campus as well as our participation in external competitions on rocket modeling, fabrication, and flight

~ Alumni interactions: know your alumn, career opportunities

~ For current members and alumni: welcome of freshers, farewell to outgoing batches, maintain a database of all incoming and outgoing students

~ Electronic newsletter for the department: Semester-wise circulation informing all major equipment purchased/installed, new facilities created, papers published, patents filed/sealed, collaborations and research activities conducted, etc.

~ Active display on notice board and semester report by club secretary



Glimpses of our recent activities

** October 2023

- Documentary session on 7 October 2023

"The Engines That Came In From The Cold" followed by discussion and coffee time
Synopsis: This documentary, first aired in 2001, provides an overview of the closed cycle engine design developed in the erstwhile Soviet Union for powering the moon missions. The design has been eventually adopted for many launch vehicles by the space industry across the world.
Day: Saturday (07/10/2023)
Time: 9:30-11:00
Venue: Seminar Hall 1, SER Building


- Sky gazing sessions on 9-10 October 2023

1. Draconid meteor shower
When: peaks on 9-10 October night
Where: NW sky from 7:30 pm onward on 9 October. Azimuth = 322 deg.; Altitude = 42.5 deg.
•    Choose a location in campus relatively free of light pollution
•    Train your eyes for 15-20 minutes in the required direction
•    Shower peaks around 7:30 pm on 9 October
•    Gradual reduction of altitude would reduce visibility as the night passes; begin viewing as early as possible

2.    Pre-dawn moon-Venus alignment
When: 10 October; pre-dawn
Where: Just find the Moon above horizon from any location; Venus should be found 5.5 deg. apart


** November 2023

- Documentary session on 5 November 2023

"Eight Wonders of Our Solar System"
Synopsis: This documentary, first aired in late February 2023, delves into the history of eight planets of our solar system. It is accompanied with commentary by space scientists.
Day: Sunday (05/11/2023)
Time: 10:30-11:30
Venue: Seminar Hall 1, SER Building


- Sky gazing session on 17-18 November 2023

1.    Leonid meteor shower
When: peaks on 17-18 November night
Where: ENE sky from 11:27 pm onward on 17 November to 00:52 am on 18 November Azimuth = 66 deg.; Altitude = 0.5 deg.

•    Choose a location in campus relatively free of light pollution
•    Train your eyes for 15-20 minutes in the required direction
•    Azimuth and altitude variations (



Contact us:

~ Mr. Shivam Karki, Coordinator during MO-2023, Space Rocks (

~ Dr. Swarup Y Jejurkar, Faculty In-charge, Space Rocks (

Last Updated - 31-Oct-2023