Training and Placement

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The Campus Recruitment Programme of BIT has, for more than five decades, successfully met the needs of different sectors of the Industry.


The Campus Recruitment Programme is organized as a central activity for BIT students from across all the Centres at the Mesra Campus as also separately at the Jaipur, Noida, Kolkata & Patna Campuses.

With their diversity and well-balanced technical and soft skills, BIT students are well equipped to contribute towards the success of organisations. Many employers who recruit at BIT have been doing so for decades, and they return because they’ve had great success with their BIT hires.

Whether the Industry needs an intern or some fresh talent for its leadership development program, the BIT Placement Office facilitates the search through the well established Campus Recruitment Programme.

The Placement Office and a team of Student Placement Coordinators extends a warm welcome to all recruiters on campus.



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