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Academic Services


The department provides its very own library along with the Central library, both equipped with the latest edition of books from all fields of study for reference and learning.


Three state-of-the-art, general classrooms, equipped with air conditioners, digital projectors, whiteboards and podiums which elevate the quality learning and teaching.

Seminar Hall

The seminar hall is a great place to conduct seminars, conferences, group discussions, PhD annual progresses and so on.

Business Analytics Computer Lab

The department has a fully functional computer lab to assist analytics and IT students to have valuable learning.

Language Lab

The language lab is equipped with latest version of system assisted language learning and adaptation  which assist in learning of foreign languages.

Student Services


The institute is fully residential with separate hostels for girls and boys. The girls’ hostels are generally twin-sharing with a few triple sharing rooms. The rooms in the boys’ hostels can be single, double or multi sharing.


Attached mess in every hostel is available with four meals every day.


If anything other than the magnificent trees is spotted at every nook and corner of BIT, it has to be the cafeterias. The specialty ranges from all the four parts of the country.


The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled with a high speed internet connection to allow the students to access the internet.

Mentoring Programs

The Department of Management has appointed a mentor to help each student, to help them with their academic performance and personal growth.

Athletics & Recreation


There are many sports programs hosted every year to encourage fitness and health in every respect. Sports Complex The campus has a gigantic sports complex for cricket, football as well as track and field events with separate dedicated space for basketball, volleyball and badminton.


Gymnasiums for all the students. .

Outdoor space for recreational activities

Every hostel has a frontage area for outdoor activities.

Art & Music

Here at the Department of Management, there is more to student life than lectures and presentations. The students as well as professors encourage creativity and diversity through art, music and cultures. It is a great way to have a vibrant campus life.

Other than these, the campus offers a plethora of clubs and societies, where students can discover themselves as per their interests.

Other facilities

  • Banks & ATM
  • Post Office
  • Guest House
  • Dispensary
  • Transportation
  • Co-operative Shopping Centers