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Project Saksham in collaboration with Made Differently.

Made Differently is a  profit social venture organization working for the welfare and empowerment of person with disability and poorer section of society. Their projects are specially focused on the most marginalized section of society -Disabled / Divyanjgan, they are trying to create awareness and big impact through unique product marketing and digital marketing programs.

Project SAKSHAM (Self-Employment program for Divyangjan /Person with Disability)

The Department of Management collaborated with Made Differently for the Project Saksham.

Project “Saksham” provides financial support in form of self-employment or waged employment to the person with special needs by marketing products made by them during their very important developmental training session “Vocational Training”. Made Differently by its unique marketing and selling company provide e-commerce platform to organizations ( & Society working for the empowerment of person with disability) and individual artisans.

We know the fact that without involving youth of our nation, success of any sector is not possible. So Focusing on this concept the students started the collaborative plan which will bring great impact in the society at the same time provided an field learning opportunity for them.

  • The group students achieved the target of 50 positive leads within 30 days as a group target.
  • Apart from this, the team also worked to create awareness among the student community of different colleges about the initiative by the organization.
  • They also designed various digital campaigns and developing communication process with Suggestions develop the organization’s business.
  • Students also Managed social media handles of the firm to enable maximum reach.


On the auspicious day of Republic Day, The Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, envisaged new road to social development through its new arm Team Sustainability. The group which started with an initial 8-10 members, today has grown to a sapling of 30 budding managers and entrepreneurs. The team infuses the department and its fraternity  with humility along with secular education. This contributes to the overall enhancement of personality with right values and perception. The team works in tandem with other organization and groups to uphold the principle of community development and ‘giving back to society’ and tries to make the community self-sustained. Though being a small arm, it has dreams worth millions. Team Sustainability looks forward to social change. The team is committed towards implementation of Sustainable Development Goals agenda 4.7 which promotes quality education for each child. The team tied up with a village school, H. H. High School, Brambe which is run by an alumnus of the department. The school has been chosen for UNESCO DICE program. UNESCO DICE is an ICT-based intercultural exchange project that connects children ages 12-15 and their teachers from around the globe. Students engage in dialogue with their international peers to enhance intercultural competencies such as perspective taking, respect for other cultures, openness, collaboration and intercultural communication. The students of the department were part of DICE and initiated the laptop sharing initiative with H. H. High School Students. The students played the role of mentors to nurture and inculcate the values driven by DICE into children. Students visited the school every weekend to teach the modules of DICE and every time they came back with a much deeper understanding of true nature of education. DICE was not only an education program for children but in process, the mentors too were educated, understood the meaning of cross-cultural diversity. Along with this the team is also associated with Unnat Bharath Abhiyan with support from other departments and visits nearby villages regularly in its implementation.


World Indigenous Day(9/08/2019)
The CSR team of the department celebrated World Indigenous Day with its signature move of plantation within the premises of the Department. The event saw some active participation of the students. 20 saplings were planted on this occasion and it inspired everyone to look beyond the horizon.