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The well-appointed campus facilities at BIT Mesra serve the manifold needs of BIT community life. It is accepted here that exploring the full potential of student life needs to incorporate parallel methods of learning with provision for complete self-expression.

BIT Mesra is a fully residential campus, providing accommodation to approx. 3200 undergraduate and postgraduate students and 2000 members of the faculty and staff. The main building accommodates lecture halls, research and training laboratories, library, administrative offices etc. covering an area of 30,000 sq. mtrs while the workshop annexure has a covered area of 4,000 sq. mtrs. The laboratories and offices of the Department of Space Engineering & Rocketry comprise a sub-campus that is some distance away from the main building for reasons of security.

The campus has vast expanse of green dotted with facilities for cultural, recreational and sports activities. The campus is in every sense a melting pot for diverse interests, influences and cultures that blend to create the unique strength that represents BIT Mesra.

Residential Campus

The Institute is completely residential with eleven hostels for boys and three separate ones for girls. All student lodging houses are spacious and beautifully laid out amidst a lot greenery.

Each male-student is provided with well-furnished single-accommodation while girls share their accommodation in spacious and adequately furnished rooms. Individual rooms are constructed in a row with a wide veranda for common use running along the length of passage. Common facilities at the hostel include dining halls and common rooms with provision for several indoor games. The reading room in each hostel subscribes to a large number of magazines, periodicals and newspapers. The entertainment hall in each hostel has a colour television set. Each hostel has an independent mess, completely run and managed by the students themselves.

The hostels are a hub of leisure activities. Students are encouraged to pursue a wide range of extra curricular activities and hobbies in their free time and events both entertaining and competitive are arranged quite frequently. Inter-hostel tournaments of indoor and outdoor games, quizzes, competitions and adventure trips are very popular at BIT Mesra.

The 'Hostel Night' organized by resident students is a memorable yearly event where students interact with the faculty members amidst cultural programmes and a lot of fun in a shared mood of festivity.

Other Facilities at the BIT Campus

In addition to on-campus hostel arrangements, students have access to plenty of facilities for learning, recreation as well as sports activities within the grounds of BIT Mesra. The stately campus is self-contained in every sense with well-thought out provisions appointed for every need of the campus residents, be it the students, faculty or other staff members.

Facilities include two auditoriums that can accommodate as many as 2,500 people. This is an ideal venue for cultural events organized by the student community. The Institute has a well-appointed Gymnasium, indoor game facilities and extensive playgrounds for pursuing various outdoor sports. The campus also has two canteens and several other eating options within the premises. As young people mostly prefer to hang out in groups, all the campus eateries are very popular gathering zones. In addition, the Institute maintains three Guest Houses for accommodating guests appropriately.

The Campus has a Shopping Complex and consists of the Co-operative Stores in addition to the stationery shop, tailoring units, cafeterias etc. These provide for the daily requirements of the campus of nearly 5,000 residents. The construction of a full-fledged Marketing Complex and Cooperative Book Store to meet the growing needs of the Campus has recently been completed. Apart from this, the campus also houses a railway reservation counter and post office for the benefit of the residents.

Significant is the on-campus dispensary that provides for several diagnostic procedures and preventive & curative treatments. Emergency cases that require more specialist attention in intensive care facilities are referred either to the local Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences, Ranchi or to Apollo Hospital Erba, also in Ranchi. A Doctor from the campus Health Centre accompanies the patient in case of an emergency. The Institute maintains a liaison with the doctors of these two hospitals. The campus Dispensary-cum-Health Centre also provides free treatment and supply of medicines to residents of local villages in the region.