Dr. Gautam Sen

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Email - gautamsen@bitmesra.ac.in
Phone - 9973718613

About Me

Qualifications:   PhD, BIT-Mesra, Ranchi

                          MSc (Applied Chemistry), Anna university, Chennai

                          Fellow of Indian Chemical Society (FICS)

Current Position:   

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, BIT-Mesra,Ranchi

Area of Research:

(1) Synthesis and characterization of novel graft copolymers.

    Study of Application of grafted polysacharides as:

  •  flocculant for wastewater treatment
  •  matrix for controlled and targetted drug release (colon targetted drug release)
  •  viscosifier in industrial and food related applications
  •  programmable bioadhesive
  •  hameostatic agent (to control external bleeding) and for wound management applications

(2) Analysis of water, wastewater and soil.

(3) Analysis of food materials.


i-10 Index: 48 (GOOGLE SCHOLAR) LINK

ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0395-2878