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Galvanizers Club


  1. Dr. Roopali Sharma, Professor, Department of Management
  2. Dr. J K Chandel, Assistant Professor, Department of Management

About the Club:

The Club focuses on driving initiatives in the field of finance, marketing and human Resources and intends to further the employability of the participant students. The club strives to be an important partner in student’s career development by creating learning opportunities and providing interface with industry. It brings together the various domains of Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management under one umbrella to develop students and make them sharpest and the brightest brains in areas like Banking, Financial Markets, Insurance, Equities and Derivatives, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Retail, Branding, Advertising and Human Resources (HR) /Organizational Behaviour (OB), and their application.

The association with this club will create interest of students in these managerial domains and inspire their creativity to innovate through practical learning and application-oriented mindset. Undoubtedly, this is the aspect mainly seen in the management profession and thus definitely boost the career prospects and employability.

Activities to be considered under the club:

The activities of the club have been well formulated to develop interest and competence of the students in the related managerial concepts with emphasis on application aspects. Following activities have been considered under the club:

  • Budget Eye Activity:  The forum for union budget analysis and discussion between professors and participants.
  • The Case Folio analysis on recent issues in the field of management. It intends to promote discussion among the participants on the latest events in the business world.
  • Market Watch Activities: Includes not just business news analysis but also views and critiques of participants on the recent issues in the management field.
  • Stock Market Simulation Game:  To conduct the Mock Stock Trading Exercise after analysing Sensex and other internal and external variable factors influencing the company’s stock.
  • Paper writing & presentation.
  • Business Quiz
  • Group discussions on the contemporary topics.
  • Conduction of Workshops and practical training sessions.
  • Interaction with eminent industrial and academic experts in the domain of the club.
  • Considering industrial R&D projects in the management domain.
  • Role playing- Developing the analytical skills by performing different roles into the different situation.
  • Ad Mad- To develop the promotional and creative skills.
  • Brand persona.
  • Guest lectures by experts in the domain areas.
  • Team Building Activities.

Last Updated - 24-Aug-2023