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                Mechanical Discipline at BIT Mesra, Off Campus Jaipur is a discipline that caters to fulfilling the needs, of subjects of Mechanical stream in the existing branches of engineering, currently being offered at the institute such as B.Tech.(CSE, ECE and EEE). The present subjects of mechanical stream in these branches are :-

  1. Basics of Mechanical Engineering, and
  1. Engineering Graphics Lab in the Ist semester of B.Tech., and
  2. Workshop Practice Lab for B.Tech. IInd Semester students.

Infrastructural Facilities

                The Mechanical Engineering discipline has various sub section under it as -

Mechanical Workshop

                The Mechanical Workshop section of the department  has a rich collection of different heavy duty machines for giving the varied exposure to the students about the mechanical content of their course curriculum, so as to be a complete engineer by knowing about the various machines, and performing experiment on them and learning the once in a life time experience.

Carpentry Shop

                Carpentry shop has a number of tools and equipments that help the students perform operations on wooden work piece and thereby get to know the intricacies of the woodworking processes and thereby add to their engineering  knowledge.

Engineering Graphics Section

This section of the department deals with providing the students of first semester, with the basics infrastructural arrangement of performing the Engineering Graphics subject related activities, such as Engineering Drawing Board, the table for mounting the board and other facilities. 




Last Updated - 20-Apr-2022