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An innovative  step  for  development of Technical skills and technology awareness among the students. These  covers main disciplines of Computer Science,  Electronics& Communication, Electrical Engineering, Management &Animation  in the institute. The Main Domain of Technical Clubs are;











Technical Club: Scientific Computing

Department:  Mathematics

Mentor :  Dr. Gurminder Singh Malhotra, Associate Professor, Mathematics

Co-mentor: Dr.(Mrs.) Bhawna Agarwal, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Technical Background and Utility of the Club

The advent of Computers as a fast computing machine has added its advantage to Mathematics. Scientific Computing is a new dimension that has been added to subject of Mathematics due to computers. The subject of scientific computing, which is basically Mathematics running on computers, has given a paradigm shift to the subject of Mathematics. For this it is important to mention the applications of Scientific computing to the real world problem solving so as to realise importance of the subject.  There are numerous application of which a few are mentioned  

  • Earthquake, Tsunami, Weather predictions
  • Financial market analysis, econometrics.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Cryptography
  • Face Recognition and many more.

The application are easy to read but one has to learn core mathematics related to these applications. Therefore the Club activities are formulated and designed to learn the basics of scientific computing of which Mathematics and Computer programming are essential parts. In this regard the club activities include

  • Seminars on Scientific Computing.
  • Workshops on Different topics of Scientific Computing.
  • Assignments to the Club members which can be solved in spare time.
  • Group Discussions among the Club members on their personal experiences related to Scientific Computing.
  • Working with Magazine and journal research papers.
  • Programming sessions.

As mentors we hope that the power of Mathematics and Computer together is realised.