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The  Department of Management offers:

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


Master of Business Administartion (MBA)

The MBA programme structure comprises of 4 semesters. The curriculum of the first two semesters provides the foundation in “basic management” courses. The curriculum of third and fourth semester focuses on imparting in-depth training in conceptual and practical aspects of functional specialization and integrating courses. The programme is implemented with a very flexible choice-based credit system.  The curriculum offers dual Functional Specialization.

Functional Specialization courses are offered in the following broad areas:



Human Resource Management

IT & Operations Management

Business Analytics


MBA Course Structure (2022-2024)


BBA Program as per the NEP 2020 Guidelines:

Need and Aim of the BBA Program:

The mission of the BBA program is to equip the students with theoretical concepts, good communication skills and adequate business knowledge. The program also imparts requisite creative and ethical competency through intensive training for developing overall personality, thereby inculcating self-confidence and team spirit of the student. The training pedagogy comprises Case Analysis Presentations, Group Discussions, Problem Solving Techniques appraising the real-life business problems with analytical ability and thus the students will be prepared to meet the expectations of the industry under fast changing virtual business environment. The graduates turn out to be well versed to opt for higher education or entry level managerial assignments. The former students of the BBA program of our institute are well placed in leading organizations in India and abroad, thereby adding laurels to their alma mater.

The 4 years full time BBA program with multiple EXIT options adopts a Semester system comprising two semesters (Monsoon and Spring) in an academic year. The Monsoon semester is held during July to December while the Winter Semester is from January to May with sixteen weeks of class in each semester. The program follows a combination of Progressive and End Semester Evaluation of student performance.


The course structure includes Ability Enhancement Courses, Skill- Enhancement Courses, Value-Added Courses, Multidisciplinary Courses, Core Management Courses along with courses in Functional electives in the following areas:

Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology, Digital Marketing and Business Analytics.


BBA Course Structure as per the NEP 2020 Guidelines w.e.f.  2023-24


BBA Course Structure (2022-2025)


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