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Facilities in class room: All class rooms are made well equipped with AC and LCD Projectors for effective teaching.

Facilities in Computer lab: The department has three high-tech computer laboratories dedicated for CSE courses and other 5 labs common and shared with the other academic departments of the centre,  having over 400 machines of IBM, Compaq, Dell and HP connected to latest state of the art servers and core i7/i5 desktops.  With the objective of giving the students adequate practical exposure, the department has latest versions of all required software. The software available for Computer Science courses are NetSim, ESET, MS-Office, Windows Server 2012, Rational Rose,Oracle, Auto Cad, MATLAB, C,C++,Java, Python, PHP.

Internet Facility:  A high speed fiber optics leased line of 150 MBPS is available in the whole campus to cater the need of internet connection for all the devices like desktops, laptops and mobiles etc.

Other Facilities : Library, reading room , placement cell, sports canteen,music room,  Gym etc.

Last Updated - 24-Dec-2022