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The department of Mechanical Engineering has twelve laboratories equipped with latest tools and equipment to broaden the practical knowledge of students. The details of the faculty incharge are as follows:

S.N Laboratory Name of Faculty Incharge
1 Engineering Graphics Lab Dr. G. Srinivasarao
2 Heat Transfer Lab Dr. Ritesh Kumar Upadhyay
3 I.C. Engine Lab Dr. Arbind Kumar
4 Dynamics of Machine Lab Dr. Arbind Kumar
5 Fluid & Hydraulics Machinery Lab Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma
6 Mechanical Engineering Lab-I ( SOM Lab) Dr. Ashis Kumar Chakraborty
7 Mechanical Engineering Lab-II (Solar Lab) Dr. Ashis Kumar Chakraborty
8 CADD Lab Mr. Ashutosh Kumar
9 Automobile Engineering Lab Mr. Ashutosh Kumar
10 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab Dr. Ritesh Kumar Upadhyay
11 Robotics Lab Dr. G. Srinivasarao
12 Workshop & MP Lab Mr. Prafulla Kumar Manoharan

Last Updated - 13-Jun-2023