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The Jharkhand Government, willing to spread the academic excellence of BIT further across the state, made a request to the institute to establish an Extension Centre at Deoghar. BIT responded wholeheartedly and subsequently, a MoU was signed between the Institute and the Government of Jharkhand. Thus, the Deoghar Extension Centre of BIT commenced functioning in October 2007 as the eighth of the Institute’s campuses within India offering undergraduate programs in different streams of engineering.


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AICTE Extension of Approval 2024-25

Posted Date : 17-May-2024 04:01 PM

Seminar Hall Booking Form

Posted Date : 30-Oct-2023 06:12 PM

AICTE Extension of Approval 2023-24

Posted Date : 3-Oct-2023 10:24 AM


Posted Date : 20-Jul-2023 04:37 PM

BIT GP Birla Scholarship Notice and Form

Posted Date : 27-Feb-2023 05:27 PM

Value Education Cell

Posted Date : 16-Feb-2023 02:38 PM

Application for GP Birla Scholarship

Posted Date : 7-Feb-2023 10:20 PM

Application for Caution Money Refund

Posted Date : 7-Feb-2023 10:19 PM

AICTE Extension of Approval 2022-23

Posted Date : 22-Aug-2022 04:44 PM

AICTE Extension of Approval 2021-22

Posted Date : 28-Jul-2021 10:35 AM

AICTE Extension of Approval 2020-21

Posted Date : 14-Jun-2021 10:05 AM

AICTE Extension of Approval 2019-20

Posted Date : 14-Jun-2021 10:03 AM

AICTE Extension of Approval 2018-19

Posted Date : 24-Feb-2021 07:32 PM

Leave Application Format (For Employee)

Posted Date : 10-Feb-2021 09:05 PM

Programme Booklet B.Tech CSE (CBCS)

Posted Date : 23-Jul-2020 04:55 AM

Booking Form for Transit Guest House

Posted Date : 19-Mar-2020 11:53 PM

Conference/Workshop Attending Form

Posted Date : 19-Mar-2020 11:52 PM

Reimbursement Form

Posted Date : 19-Mar-2020 11:16 PM

Salary Advance(for Employee)

Posted Date : 19-Mar-2020 11:15 PM

TA Form(for Employee)

Posted Date : 19-Mar-2020 11:13 PM

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First E-Newsletter

Posted Date : 27-May-2024 05:44 PM

Notice for BIT GP Birla Scholarship

Posted Date : 1-Mar-2023 12:04 PM

Celebration of Republic Day

Posted Date : 6-Feb-2023 02:43 PM

Saraswati Puja

Posted Date : 6-Feb-2023 02:41 PM

COVID 19 Vaccination Camp on 12th Jan 2023

Posted Date : 6-Feb-2023 02:39 PM

National Innovation and Start up Policy BIT Deoghar

Posted Date : 30-Sep-2022 05:28 PM

Convener National Innovation and Start up Policy

Posted Date : 30-Sep-2022 05:14 PM

National Innovation and Start-up Policy

Posted Date : 30-Sep-2022 05:08 PM

Students Achievement

Posted Date : 31-Jan-2022 11:12 PM

NISP - National Innovation and Start up Policy

Posted Date : 5-Jan-2021 04:00 AM

Clubs and Societies

Posted Date : 1-Aug-2019 10:14 PM

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (ED Cell)

Posted Date : 2-Jan-2019 04:13 AM

Sep 27
9th online International Conference on Ancient Mathematics and Science for Computing AMSCO2K24

Venue : Birla Institute of Technology,Mesra,Off Campus Deoghar

Mar 22
Utthaan 2018

Venue : Birla Institute of Techlogy,Mesra (Deoghar Campus)

Aug 18
Feb 06
Workshop on Entrepreneurship and Networking on 6th February 2019

Venue : Birla Institute of Technology,Off Campus Deoghar

Feb 17
One day workshop on Amazon Web Services and Cloud Computing

Venue : Birla Institute of Technology,Off Campus Deoghar

Feb 14

Venue : BIT Deoghar Off Campus Deoghar

Apr 03
Empowerment of Women in the Field of Education

Venue : Seminar Hall BIT Mesra Off CampusDeoghar at 2:30 pm

Jun 21
International Day of Yoga

Venue : Institute Main Building Courtyard,BIT Deoghar

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