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Lab Equipments:

1.Heat Transfer Lab

1. Heat transfer through Natural Convection
2. Emissivity Measurement Apparatus
3. Thermal  Conductivity of Insulating Powder
4. Thermal Conductivity of  Metal Rod
5. Heat transfer through forced Convection
6. Heat transfer from a pin fin Apparatus
7. Shell & Tube heat Exchanger
8. Thermocouple Calibration Test Rig.
9.  Heat Pipe Demonstrator
10. Thermal Conductivity of a viscous liquid test rig.
11. Dropwise and filmwise Condensation Apparatus

2. I.C. Engine Lab

1. Computerized Multipoint fuel injection system Diesel engine with all experimental setup
2. Computerized Multipoint fuel injection system Petrol engine with all experimental setup
3. Exhaust Gas Analyzer (Petrol Engine)
4. Smoke Meter (Diesel Engine)
5. Port Timing Diagram
6. Single cylinder 4-stroke Diesel engine test rig (with rope brake dynamometer)  
7. Single cylinder 4-stroke petrol engine test rig (with rope brake dynamometer)
8. Cut section 4-stroke petrol engine single cylinder
9. Cut section 2-stroke petrol engine single cylinder
10. Cut section 4-stroke diesel engine single cylinder
11. Cut section 2-stroke diesel engine single cylinder

3. Dynamics of Machine Lab

1. Whirling of shaft
2. Universal Governor
3. Motorized Gyroscope
4. CAM Analysis
5. Static and dynamic balancing
6. Dynamic balancing machine
7. Universal Vibration Lab.

4. Fluid & Hydraulics Machinery Lab

1. Flow measurement by Venturimeter (Closed circuit)
2. Flow over notch Apparatus
3. Metacentric height of ship model
4. Reynolds Apparatus
5. Orifice Apparatus
6. Measuring  pipe friction
7. Bernoulli’s Theorem
8. Mouth Piece Apparatus
9. Free and Forced Vertex Flow Apparatus
10. Centre of Pressure Apparatus
11. Laminar Flow Table
12. Francis turbine test rig
13. Kaplan turbine test rig
14. Pelton wheel test rig
15. Centrifugal Pump test rig
16. Reciprocating pump test rig

5. Mechanical Engineering Lab-I

1. UTM (Universal Testing Machine)
2. Torsion Testing Machine
3. Brinel Hardness Testing Machine
4. Rockwell Hardness
5. Impact Testing Machine
6. Fatigue Testing Machine
7. Universal spring testing Machine
8. Screw Jack Apparatus
9. Warm and Warm Wheel Apparatus

6. Mechanical Engineering Lab-II

1. Solar powered centrifugal pump
2. Solar Distillation Experimental Set Up
3. Pyranometer  Apparatus
4. Thermo Syphon Type of Solar Water Heating System
5. Solar Cooker
6. Solar Air Heater
7. ETC Solar Water Heater
8. Centrifugal Blower Test Rig.
9. Gear Oil Pump Test Rig.
10. Computerized Sub Sonic Wind Tunnel

7. CADD Lab

1. Pro/Engineer Creo 1.0
2. ANSYS 17.0

8. Automobile Engineering Lab

1. Power Steering System
2. Assembly and disassembly of 6-Cylinder Diesel Engine
3. Working Cut Section Models of Differential
4. Working Cut Section Models of  Clutch (Single and Multiple Plate)
5. Working Cut Section Models of  Gear Box (Contact Mesh)
6. Working Cut Section Models of  Crank Shaft
7. Working Cut Section Models of Carburetor (Solex type 4 wheeler)
8. Working Cut Section Models of  Fuel Injection system ( 6 Cylinder)
9. Models of  Engine Cut section (Single cylinder, 2 Stroke petrol engine)
10. Models of Engine Cut section (Single cylinder, 4 Stroke petrol engine)
11. Working Cut Section Models of Shock absorber
12. Working Cut Section Models of  Steering Mechanism (Rack & Pinion type)
13. Working Cut Section Models of Petrol Engine  (Multi Cylinder)
14. Working Cut Section Models of Diesel Engine (Multi Cylinder)

9. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab

1. Vapour Compression Test Rig
2. Air Conditioning Test Rig
3. Vapour Absorption Test Rig
4. Thermoelectric Refrigeration Test Rig
5. Ice Plant Trainer
6. Sling Psychrometer
7. Split Air Conditioning Test Rig
8. Air Washer Test Rig

10. Robotics Lab

1. KUKA KR 6 R700 Robot
2. PLC
4. Parallel Robot

Last Updated - 6-Jun-2023