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List of  Ongoing and Completed  R & D projects

Ongoing Project

Reconstruction and digitization of PATAH Art, a perishing cultural heritage of Eastern India with special reference to Santhal Parganas, funded by Indian National Science Academy

PI : Dr. Manoj Kumar Dutta

Completed Project

Investigation of coupled optical beam propagation in nonlinear media for soliton pair and breather pair formation, funded by University Grants Commission (New Delhi, INDIA)

PI : Dr. Ram Krishna Sarkar



Topic of the Ph.D. Thesis

Name of the student

Name of guide/co-guide


Investigation of Optical Beam Propagation in Nonlinear Media: Spatial Soliton Formation and Their Interaction for All-Optical Devices

Mrs. Shraddha Prasad

Dr. Ram Krishna Sarkar

Awarded (2016)

Optical Networking & congestion control

Mrs. Swatilekha Sarkar

Dr. Manoj Kumar Dutta Ongoing
Image processing

Mr. Arijit Das

Dr. Manoj Kumar Dutta Ongoing



Last Updated - 7-Feb-2023