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S.No.  Name Of the Equipment /Software
1. CRO 30 MHz, Scientific
2. Signal Generator F.G M5061, Scientific
3. Multiple output D.C. power supply PSD 3304, Scientific
4. Dual D.C. power supply PSD3203
5. Digital multimeter SM7022, Scientific
6. Microlab Trainer Kit,Tirupathi Electronics
7. Bread board GL NO.12 and WB -102
8. LCR Meter SM 6019,Scientific
9. Analog/Digital Trainer Board Kit 
10. Op – Amp Based RC Oscillator Trainer Kit 
11. Op – Amp Based Wien Bridge Ocillator Trainer Kit
12. Cascade Amplifier Trainer Kit , Excel Technology
13. Darlington Pair Experimental Board Trainer Kit
14. h- Parameter Calculation Based Trainer Kit
15. Miller and Bootstrap Time Base Generator Experimental Board Trainer Kit
16. Digital Storage Oscilloscope 25-30 MHz, Scientific 
17. Soldering station 137 ESD
18. De-soldering station 936 B VARTECH
19. Multisim, Version 14.2  (NI, Software)



S.No.  Name Of the Equipment /Software
1. Hall Effect Experimental Set-up, RS Electronics
2. Four Probe Band gap Measurement Set-up, RS Electronics
3. Solar Cell Characteristics Trainer Kit, Excel Technology
4. Tunnel Diode/Schottky Diode Trainer kit
5.  MOSFET ED and E – only Based Trainer Kit
6. Optiwave Optisystem Software 17.0
7. Visual TCAD Device Simulator , Cadre Design System



S.No. Name Of the Equipment /Software
1. CRO 30 MHz,Scientific and GW INSTEK
2. Pulse Generator SM5035, Scientific
3. Microlab Trainer Kit, Tirupathi Electronics
4. Signal Generator SM 5074, Scientific
5. Digital Trainer Board Kit 
6. CMOS Inverter Trainer Kit
7. 3:8 and 8:3 Decoder and Encoder Based Trainer Kit
8.  ALU Based Trainer Kit 
9. ADC and DAC Trainer Kit
10.  IC 555 Multivibrator Based Trainer Kit
11.  Mutisim Version 14.2 (NI, Software)



S.No. Name Of the Equipment /Software
1. CRO 30 MHz(Scientific)
2. Amplitude Modulation Trainer Kit , ACLl-01
3. Amplitude Demodulation Trainer Kit  ACL-02
4. QAM/DQAM Modulation Trainer Kit  ADCL-05
5. QAM/DQAM Demodulation Trainer  Kit  ADCL-06
6. Amplitude Demodulation Trainer Kit   ACL-03
7. Amplitude Demodulation Trainer Kit  ACL-04
8. Digital oscilloscope DS1102 CD/RIGOL DSC-01
9. Digital Storage Oscilloscope DSO-25 25MHZ 100ms/s, Scientific 
10. Audio Frequency Oscillator
11. Comsim Software 



S.No. Name Of the Equipment /Software
1. Advance Pneumatic Trainer Kit, Unitech
2. Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester, F-VITM19
3. Maxwell’s Bridge Trainer Kit
4. Wien Bridge Trainer Kit 
5. Schering Bridge Trainer Kit
6. Load cell measurement Trainer Kit
7. Flow Measurement Trainer Kit
8. Vibration Analyzer Trainer Kit
9. Temperature Measurement Trainer kit using Thermistor, RTD and Thermocouple, F-UIT M33
10. LVDT Trainer Kit (Displacement Measurement ), F-UITM2
11. Speed Measurement Trainer Kit F-UIT M7
12. Strain Measurement Trainer Kit, F-UITM2
13.  PLC , ABB
14.   LabVIEW Software
15.  DAQ Card (PCI-6014)



S.No. Name Of the Equipment /Software
1. Microprocessor Training kit 8085 VMC 8502
2. Microprocessor Training kit with EPROM VMC-8503E
3. PPI Study Card 8259 SC-59
4. PPI Study Card 8255 SC-55
5. Frequency Counter SM5052 Scientific
6. DAC Interface Card VMC-DAC
7. DC Motor Interface Card VMC-DC
8. ADC Interface Card VMC-ADC
9. Traffic Light Interfacing Card VMC-TLC
10. Traffic Light Interfacing Card VMC-TLC
11. Stepper Motor Interfacing Cardvmc-SMC
12. Logic Controller Interface Card VMC-LC
13. Elevator Simulator Interface card VMC-ES



S.No. Name Of the Equipment /Software
1. Cadence Software
2. Xilinx Vivado Software
3. FPGA trainer kit, Scientific



S.No. Name Of the Equipment /Software
1. Dual Wavelength Fiber Optics Laser Source and Detector Module, FOM -1, Akademika 
2. Fiber Optic Passive Component Module, FOM-2, Akademika 
3. Chromatic Dispersion Module, FOM 4, Akademika 
4. Fibre Optic Analog and Digital Module and Demodulation Kit, FCL- 03
5. Fibre Optic Advance Digital Communication Kit, FCL-04
6. Fiber Optic Analog Transmission. Kit, FCL-01
7. Advance Fiber Optics Communication Link - B Trainer Kit, Falcon 
8. Advance Fiber Optics Communication Trainer Kit (TFL-01, TFL-02, and TFL-03), Labotech
9. Advance Fibber Optics Communication Trainer Kit FOCT -02, Labotech
10.  Fibre Optic Advance Digital Communication Kit, FCL-04 , Falcon



S.No. Name Of the Equipment /Software
1. GSM Trainer ST 2133
2. GSM Application Module ST 2133 AM
3. Mobile Phone Trainer ST 2132
4. Doppler Radar Trainer Kit, Labotech
5. GPS Technology Trainer WL-GPS, Labotech
6. GSM Mobile Handset Trainer Kit, Labotech
7. Satellite Communication Trainer Kit, NVIS Technologies 
8. Wave  & Propagation Trainer Kit NVIS 2000, NVIS Technologies 
9. Pulse Radar Simulation Software, NVIS Technologies 
10. QualNet Software 7.4 (Teaching)
11. QualNet Software 7.4 (Research)



S.No. Name Of the Equipment /Software
1. Microwave Test Bench with Antenna NV-9002
2. Microwave Integrated Circuit Trainer NV-9008
3. Microwave Test Bench NV 9004
4. GUNN Power supply NV101
5. Solid State Klystron Power Supply NV-102
6. Isolator NV 204, NVIS Technologies 
7. Variable Attenator NV 206, NVIS Technologies 
8. Radiation Pattern Turn Table NV 214, NVIS Technologies 
9. Waveguide Twist NV 216, NVIS Technologies 
10. E-Plane Tee Junction NV 221 E, NVIS Technologies 
11. H-Plane Tee Junction, NVIS Technologies 
12. Magic Tee junction NV 223, NVIS Technologies 
13. M/H Directional Coupler 3db & 10db NV 226,NV 228 NVIS Technologies 
14. Y Circulator NV 231, NVIS Technologies 
15. Standard Gain Horn Antenna NV 239, NVIS Technologies 
16. Dielectric Antenna NV 243, NVIS Technologies 
17. Pyramidal Horn Antenna NV 246, NVIS Technologies 
18. Parabolic Dish Antenna NV 247, NVIS Technologies 
19. Microwave Power meter NVIS 105A, NVIS Technologies
20. ADS Software, Keysight Technology
21. ANSYS Software, Trident Techlab













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