National Youth Day Celebration 2017

National Youth Day Celebration 2017

“Strength is life; Weakness is death”

                                – Swami Vivekananda

12th January 2017 is marked as the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. This day is celebrated as The National Youth Day throughout the country. To pay tribute to the legendary soul a series of cultural activities were organized in the CAT Hall from 6 p.m. onwards.

The function began with the ever encouraging and inspiring words of our respected Dean of Student Welfare, followed by the motivating words of the chief guest. The students then greeted everyone in the hall with a beautiful melodious song. The welcome song didn’t even get off our lips when the India Quiz started and hence began the competition as to find out who knows our motherland the best. The quiz not only entertained the audience but also gave them some amazing and rare facts about our country. Since no occasion is ever complete in our country without the prayers being offered to Lord Ganesha, a beautiful Dance on Ganesh Vandana was presented. The mesmerizing song and the graceful classical dance steps left the audience enchanted.

Words can always be the path that take you to one’s soul. And when its ghazal, what better form can you get those words in! The soothing voice and the beautiful words hypnotized the audience. As the serene atmosphere was created the students came up to energize us yet again with their beautiful voices. The song filled each and every person in the room with energy. And finally came the last but surely not the least of all the programs, the musical skit. The powerful message and the strong performances of the actors thrilled everyone.

National Youth Day indeed saw a memorable and marvelous celebration in BIT Mesra.

Reporter: VidhiJha

Editor: Srishti Chaudhary


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