Web Development Workshop

Web Development Workshop
The Web Development Workshop was not only conducted to unravel the diverse multitude of information available just a click away, but also to learn how to conquer it in all possible ways. The workshop was conducted by the IET Students’ Chapter, B.I.T. Mesra from 16th to 19th January,2017 at LH1. It also had a special session on Google Summer Of Code and Mozilla Winter Of Security by Aman Jhunjhnwala ( A Caltech Intern) and Ashish Gaurav ( A Google Intern) on 20 January, 2017.IMG-20170204-WA012
The workshop started with the basics of web development. With the Web 3.0 on the cards, and an indispensable crux that the web presence holds, it becomes really important to understand how the web works. The workshop covered various topics. From the working algorithm of a web page to the various ends which are present in a programing background. One of the most basic constituent of a web page- the language i.e HTML was also thoroughly covered. From defining what HTML is to the various types of tags it contains (like <input type=”text” /> tag,<select>tag,</select><select></select><form>tag etc.) were discussed.The second day of this workshop began with a discussion on one of the most powerful tools required to make dynamic and attractive web pages – PHP ( Hypertext Pre-processor). The organisers covered topics like array, handling forms , string functions and many other things.The third day had the most interesting and fun activity of the workshop, which was learning how to make login pages using registration pages. The students were also taught how to encrypt md5 security. And with that the study of DBMS ( DataBase Management System) was also initiated.Last day of the workshop taught students how to differentiate between cookies and sessions. Apart from learning all the other intricacies of a web page, students were also taught how to upload an image and various other media files on a login page and they were also told about the difficulties they might be facing while doing that.


The 4 day long workshop came to an end on Friday with a seminar on Google Summer of Code (GSoC). GSoC is a completely online, international program designed to encourage university students to participate in open source software development. The workshop was not only a beneficiary for the students but was also interesting and entertaining. After successfully ending this workshop, the attendees are definitely looking forward for similar interesting workshops from the organisers.

Reporter- Suchismita Sarkar
Editor- Samadrito Bose

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