UNESQUO Weekender

UNESQUO Weekender
While the athletic students of BIT had their weekend plans sorted with the Annual Athletic Meet, UNESQUO ensured that the weekend wasn’t a banal one for the geeks, quizzers and orators as well by organizing a Weekender. The weekender consisted of a Sports and Entertainment (SPENT) Quiz and a Debate. The detailed report of both the events follows:-[spacer height=”30px”]
   SPENT Quiz
Isn’t life a collection of weird quizzes with no answers to half the questions?
When a love of sports and entertainment unites people together, you get a taste of the palpable excitement in the air as UNESQUO kick-started its Weekender with a quiz. The Sports and Entertainment quiz brought fans of the field and the screen together and gave them an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and  memory power. With fast paced questions about football, anime, famous personalities and even memes, the quiz was a big success from the start to the end. The preliminary round was designed to handpick the top six teams from the large crowd that had turned up. the questions in the preliminary round were fairly easy, from topics like sport strategies, popular TV shows, sportsmen,guessing the funda and general events in the world of entertainment and glamour. Shubham Mishra and AmanArora helped conduct the quiz with the help of several other UNESQUO members. The cut off for the second rounds was set at twelve points, which served to separate the six best performing teams. After the preliminary rounds, the six teams were all set to battle it out for the title of the victor. The questions were separated into five rounds after that, with sections like football, Entertainment, Sports in general and anime. The audience was also not left disappointed, since it was given a chance to answer the questions if the teams failed to do so. With contagious zeal and teeth-biting moments, the quiz finally came to a glorious end. The team of Abhyankar Joshi, Ashish Deopa and Abhinaba Chakroborty won with a whopping 110 points, with the second and third teams coming in at 45 and 40 respectively. The quiz ended with high spirits and an invitation for everyone to be present at the next event of the Weekender.[spacer height=”30px”]
Ongoing SPENT Quiz

Ongoing SPENT Quiz

[spacer height=”30px”]Debate

“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.”

-Joseph Joubert

A debate is not just an argument, rather it is an anvil that hammers out opinions. The UNESQUO Weekender, continuing with its exciting and euphoric series of events, conducted a debate on 5 February, 2017 at Lecture Hall 2. The debate took place in two rounds – The prelims and the finals.

        The prelims saw participants showing their debating skills on a very interesting topic – “This house believes that reservation for women is a step in furthering gender equality. “ The speakers were allowed to choose any stance (for or against) according to their views. The debate began with Shubhendu and Achirava speaking for the motion, justifying the reservation as a chance for the women to come up to a certain level which can be equal to that of men in present times. But with that being said we saw the next eight participants strongly opposing reservation. They said that all it does is worsen the already unequal status of the women in our society. Vidhi,Rohan,Arunav,Ayush,Pitamber,Sarvjeet and Akash stated various points as to why such a reservation is not beneficial and many of them also brought up its failure in Gram Panchayats to strengthen their arguments. As the judges had had enough of “against” the motion, Poulomi came in, stating vital facts and points as to why reservation is not just the need but the right of every women in the current era.

As this interesting debate came to an end, the results came in. Six finalists were announced. But before they could start their celebrations, the judges came out with a twist in the tale. Unlike all the other debates, this debate wouldn’t give the participants an entire night to prepare for the finals but mere 30 minutes. Just as the participants were busy absorbing this shock the judges came up with another by telling them that they would not be the ones choosing their stance this time. The final started with Rohan, Poloumi and Arunav debating “for” and Sarvjeet,Pitamber and Akash speaking “against” the motion- “This house believes that the sudden boom in start-ups in a fad and the money invested in this could be put to better use. “ With yet another round of reasoning and oppos

The finalist debating in full swing

The finalist debating in full swing

ing which involved a lot of references to real life examples and loads of facts, we finally reached the engaging round of rebuttal. The 30 minutes rebuttal session not only included the contestants cross questioning each other but it also gave the judges and spectators a chance to put forward their questions and views. 

With some rounds of mind boggling question and answers, we finally reached the most awaited part of the event- The Final Results. The third rank was bagged by Akash Choudhary,Rohan Gupta stood at the second position while Pitamber Kaushik took the first position. The “debate” justified all its definitions by not just putting up some argument but an intellectual discussion based on facts and reasons where no one actually wins or loses but all they do is learn.[spacer height=”30px”]

Reporters-Shubhangi and Vidhi Jha
Editors-Nandini Biswas  and Poulomi Chakraborty

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