UMANG- Dance Eve

UMANG- Dance Eve

BITOTSAV, the annual socio-cultural festival of Birla Institute of Technology Mesra is considered to be one of the biggest campus and youth festival of Eastern India. The exhilarating extravaganza associated with this year’s edition¬†features a plethora of techno-cultural events during the days while the nights are reserved for letting yourself loose on the show front as the biggest names in music and dance hit the stage. As a part of the BITOTSAV WEEKENDER, the traditional sneak peek of the magnificent events that lie ahead, the DANCE CLUB of BIT Mesra had organized “UMANG” on 8th of February, 2017¬† in the IC Arena from 5pm.

AS1They say that “Dance is truly a conversation between the body and soul.”In keeping with the theme of BITOTSAV, the dances were based on gaming. The performances were closely linked to the theme. The 2k16 and 2k15 batch performed on a medley of six songs with two to three gaming songs in it. While the 2k13 and 2k14 batches performed freestyle dancing. Following such high intensity performance, a DJ played out the latest songs as everyone grooved and shimmied to rhythmic beats.

as6The performers really enthralled the audience with their well-choreographed dance sequences and provided thorough entertainment with their graceful and energetic moves. UMANG definitely livened up the atmosphere with numerous praise worthy performances. The event was diligently organized. There was a soul to it. A soul that was vibrant, contagious and exuberant. Every dance performance was unique just as every dancer is unique and hence it is rightly said that ” Dancers don’t need wings to FLY.”

Reporter- Bhavya Raj
Editor- Subhankar Bose

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