A Cacophony of Ideas: TEDxBITMesra

A Cacophony of Ideas: TEDxBITMesra

“No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The World.”

-Robin Williams

Ideas are reagents of change. The ebb and flow of idea is what fuels a progressing community. TEDx is an independent event that enhances the thriving of “ideas worth sharing” in a community. 

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra Ranchi conducted the third edition of its noetic event, TEDx BITMesra on 1st September, 2019. A colossal crowd crammed the G.P Birla auditorium from 11:30 A.M as the spirits of excitement and anticipation rose high. The stage was set as Ayush Harsh and Aishanee Patnaik, the hosts for the episode warmly welcomed the audience to a thought-provoking session.

The affair commenced with the Dean Students’ Welfare, Dr. Anand Kumar Sinha felicitating the first two speakers for the day, Aditya Vaibhav and Pranjal Sinha. This was followed by Dr. Sanjay Kumar, the Convener of TEDx BIT Mesra felicitating Dr. A.K Sinha. Aman Mukherjee, the Licensee for the event then took the opportunity to felicitate Dr. Sanjay Kumar who further took the stage to introduce the theme of the event to the audience – ‘Cacophony’. He was followed by the Dean Students’ Welfare who shed light upon the institutional history and its grandeur.

Hereinafter, the first speaker for the day, Pranjal Sinha, the CEO and co-founder of ODRways directed people’s attention towards the reality of the judicial system in the country and extended his views on the importance of mediation at the time of disputes. He was followed by Aditya Vaibhav, a journalist who targeted the talk towards the field of journalism. He introduced the crowd to a website called ‘TheTrickyScribe.com’, a fully digital magazine to tackle environmental issues.It was then time for a short break where all the attendees were provided with refreshments.

The colloquium was back on track by presenting a couple of TED videos. The former video by Kelly McGonigal geared towards making stress an ally while the latter by Tim Urban illustrated the thinking process of a procrastinator. Following this, the third speaker for the day, Shreya Shrivastava, the co-founder of PsychX and enlisted under the ‘Forbes under 30 Achievers’ talked about the paradox of choices. PsychX aims at psychometric assessment using Artificial Intelligence for career counselling.

Finally, Ajinkya Kolhe, a Google instructor took the dais to discuss the issues of chaos and learning from mistakes to bring about significant changes in our lives. The latter two speakers were then bestowed with mementoes. The session shuttered with Aman Mukherjee, the Licensee of the event delivering a vote of thanks to all the organisers and the administration.

All in all, the session enlightened the audience with perspectives in various walks of life and painting their journey on a fresh canvas.

Reporter: Utkarsh
Editor: Bhavesh Chaturvedi
Photographic Credits: Photographic Society, BIT Mesra

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