We, here at News and Publication Society, believe in unbiased and transparent coverage of all college-related events. It is always our endeavour to bring to our readers news fresh in essence and complete in detail. Whether it be a jazzy cultural extravaganza or a technical session of scientific importance, we make sure that we keep you updated on the goings-on in the various spheres that our institution is involved in.

The NAPS team consists of members across all batches and years, with all having one factor in common: journalism in blood. We report all that happens on campus, get the campus buzz to the outside media, share opinions on topics of general knowledge and interview important personalities that drop by in college. Our primary aim is to keep you updated and help you make the most of what your college has to offer you, while also helping you make informed decisions through the experiences of people who have been successful in some or the other walk of life.


(2020 – 2021)

Members of 2K19 Batch

Anisha Mishra
Aryan Raj
Ayush Mishra
Ayush Tripathi
Chandra Shekhar Deonath
Harshavardhana Singh
Himali Priya
Ichcha Roy
Mayank Beck
Mugdha Sahu
Rishabh Thakur
Rishav Chakraborty
Sakshi Deokumar Sharan
Sanjukta Roy Choudhury
Shashank Shekher
Shikhar Tripathi
Sneha Pal
Shivam Kumar
Sumit Anand