An Exhibition of Creativity : Symposium 2019

An Exhibition of Creativity : Symposium 2019

For the budding poets and creative souls of BIT Mesra, the Literary Society organized its annual “Symposium on 4th September, 2019. The event was organized at Room number 208 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM and provided a stage to amplify the writer and poet within the students.

The preliminary round of ‘Symposium’ was organized online where students were supposed to mail their written write-ups to the Literary Society. The pieces had to self-written and no plagiarism was allowed. Out of the overwhelming 100+ entries, only 23 were shortlisted for the final round. The judging panel consisted of senior members of Literary Society namely, Subhendu Karmakar, Ayush Harsh, Shivam Kumar, Pranjal Rai, Aishanee Pattnaik and Sarthak Ladhani. The performers presented their pieces in both English and Hindi languages before the panel of judges within a time limit of 5 minutes.

Literary pieces ranging from poems to shaiyriyaan and covering genres from Love and heartbreak to inspiration mesmerised everyone present. The participants were also given suggestions by the judges to improve the presentation of their literary works.

The winners are as follows:-

Aparna Shambhawi
Shadman Nehal Khan

Triparna Roy
Ishita Shreshtha

Special Mention:
Adarsh Prakash Pandey
Abhik Sen

Reporter– Ishita Hiremath
Editor- Prashanta Purkayastha
Picture Credits– Photographic Society, BIT Mesra

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