ROSTRA DAY 3- An elating spectacle of mettle

ROSTRA DAY 3- An elating spectacle of mettle

Sunday, the 12th of February, marked the closing day of the three day literary extravaganza- Rostra’17
The largest literary fest of East India naturally arrived with high expectations and like each year, Literary Society absolutely nailed it.
RULE THE WORLD WITH YOUR WORD was this year’s motto and that is exactly what happened over 3 days of literary enchantment. Students from several colleges tried their luck in a variety of captivating events.

The final day had in store, a bunch of exciting events for all the literature enthusiasts.

With the final rounds of Youth Parliament and Spell Bee and events such as Mythical Extempore, Litpoker , Jury Room and Nehle pe Dehla, Day 3 of Rostra was totally jam-packed.



On the second day of Rostra, the parliament commenced from 10:00 am in the morning in the Conference Hall. Firstly they discussed about the crisis and the steps that should be taken to solve it. Then there was a parliamentary debate on the article 370 which grants special autonomous status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The government in power stood for the article while the opposition party opposed it. After the heated debate on this sensitive matter, the parliament discussed the Bill. The ministers basically had to prepare and amend a bill on the commercialization of surrogacy.IMG-20170212-WA0042 (1)

In order to do so, the ministers discussed about various issues such as the necessity for surrogacy, single parent who wish to surrogate and the about financial status of the parents. They even included topics like child and mother welfare. Accordingly a bill was passed after considering all the pros and cons.

Thus this event inspired the youth to express their views in an organized way. Also it allowed for the emergence of bright future leaders. The event aimed to help the young minds to highlight their perspective, and question the policy makers on the way forward and it truly excelled at it.




Ongoing Newsroom

The event started at 12 noon with Debasmita Bhowmick and Saif Khan  as the eminent judges.
The event required two participants per team, where one of the member had to read the news from the screen and the other had to function as the field reporter.
The audience interaction seemed to be at its peak, with the reporters indulging the audience with questions.
4 teams qualified for the final round where they battled out in a debate to come out as the Champions.




Nehle Pe Dehla was the formal Hindi event of Rostra’17.The event was conducted at Lecture Hall-1,from 10:30am to 2:30pm. and contained 200 vital points for the entrants.
In the first round,the participants were each given different topics like “क्या आपके टूथपेस्ट में नमक है,राजकुमार या पप्पू” to speak on for three minutes. The round witnessed good oratory, followed by a question answer round.
Six people were able to make it to the next round where they were divided in teams of two. Here, one of the teammates had to speak for the argument provided while the other stood opposite to it.

Three of the selected candidates then qualified for the final round where they were asked to put their views on the topic “क्या देश बदल रहा है?”
Thus, the event provided the participants with ample opportunities to vent out their thoughts on relevant topics.




Jury Room, an informal event held during Rostra kick-started with a game of mafia as the qualifier. Twelve people were selected for the final round of Jury Room which revolved around solving a case. The participants became the part of a Jury trying to figure out the killer while trying to save themselves. Jury Room was an intense albeit fun event.


The mythical extempore was a fantastical experience for everyone who participated because it brought forth the storyteller in all of us. The event served to incorporate the experience of being told stories at a young age by our grandmothers and put them on a wider platform.IMG_20170212_213647

Teams of two people each went up to the stage, where one member had to go outside while the other answered two questions about myths, popular culture and other fantastical elements. Points were awarded on how tough the questions were. Then the other teammate had to come back inside and if the other person had answered correctly, had to choose which topic to talk upon for two to three minutes.
The event ranged from serious tales to completely ridiculous fables which left the audience shaking their heads in wonder or rolling in their seats laughing.



This innovative event kick-started at 3 PM in Lecture Hall 1 and had students swarming in large numbers. The event included a preliminary round, where the students were given the name of the books and several clues related to it out of which they had to filter out the 5 correct clues. 6 participants were shortlisted for the final round of poker.
The second round included a game of poker for the six shortlisted participants, where the cards had a clue about either of the two books mentioned before the game began and indeed, an exciting bout of poker was conducted.




The closing ceremony of Rostra’17 was organized at Seminar Hall in the evening. The final round of Spell Bee and LKM were conducted during these hours. While spell bee continued baffling the audience with the choicest selection of words thrown at the finalists, LKM pitted the best informal speaker against the best formal speaker of Rostra’17. The speakers engaged in a battle of wits on the topics “Should Valentine’s Day be declared a National Holiday” and “Should euthanasia be legalized”.

Following this was the prize distribution ceremony. Dumbledore’s Army won the Youth Parliament; Urban Villagers won Panchayati Raj and Jury Room; Heroes of Rostrampus aced Newsroom; Red Carpet won Mythical Extempore and Strangers Squad trumped everyone in Litpoker. Spell Bee was won by Nishant Mishra while Ashish Deopa and Kuhu Raj triumphed in Sherlocked. The teams to achieve podium finish were Unagians as second runners up, The Exception Section as the runners up and Team Syndicate as the overall champions of Rostra’17.

An event, one of its kind, Rostra gave colors to the imagination and wings to the creativity of the students at BIT. It brought in a plethora of elating and exquisite expositions, bright gleams of creativity and festive vibes all around the campus in the course of these three days.

Indeed, Rostra’17 was a huge success and closed down with a hope for the same excitement and fun next year.

Reporters:- Sweta Jha, Bhavya Raj, Akshat, Farheen Neyaz, Ayush Harsh, Shubhnagi, Achirava Raha

Editor:- Ashish Deopa

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