ROSTRA Day 2– Where Your Words are but the pictures of your thoughts.

ROSTRA Day 2–  Where Your Words are but the pictures of your thoughts.

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder!”
– Rumi

Eastern India’s largest literary fest ROSTRA 2017 started off on 11 February with a whopping number of literature enthusiasts. The participants attending were from various colleges of the city as well as nearby. The college witnessed myriad events going on in every nook and hook of the BIT campus. The paragon of expositions and discourse began right at the moment with students fervent to participate in as many events as possible. A plethora of exquisite expositions and loads of fun is on with Rostra.

Rostra is the annual literally fest of Birla institute of Technology, Mesra. It’s a large scale event with many interesting events including the  Youth parliament, Panchayati Raj, Nehle pe dehla, Whose line is it anyway, Filmi engineer, Hypothetical dilemma, Sherlocked and Marcos.

In a country constituting of more than 65% of the youth, the most important aspect in the development of a country is bringing out the zealous voices of the youngsters. The Youth Parliament (A major flagship event) not only helps to build the future of this nation to improve their personalities but also giving them ideas about the work of the parliament. The event took place at the Conference Hall starting from 10:00.It with the address of the Speaker and the President. The President then gave the greeting IMG-20170211-WA0018speech followed by the oath taking by the new members. The session then began with the question hour where the opposition began questioning the government and cross questioning which required the ministers to justify their stands. The government then questioned the opposition followed by the adjournment motion to be passed. The session returned with the members discussing over topics like “National Anthem before the films begin in theater promote brotherhood, patriotism and harmony” and “The removal of ban of Jallikattu in the name of custom and tradition has made an exception”. The discussion was followed by the disclosure of the crisis which needs to be resolved in the next session and the session was adjourned until the next day.


Panchayati Raj seemed to be one of the most awaited events of Rostra’17. It was a formal Hindi event where two to three members could participate from each team. The event was being held at Shorbag-1, in the BIT Mesra campus.
The whole event was carried in a village backdrop with the sarpanch sitting with hookah beside them, villagers arguing and the attire of the participants making the event more realistic.
Colleges like NUSRL, RIMS, St. Xavier’s university and BIT Mesra paIMG-20170211-WA0017rticipated in the event.The rules were simple – each team will be given a funny fictional topic and he/she will have an opponent. One might speak either in favour of or against the given situation and the panch would finally conclude.
The event was carried out in four rounds and overall 30 teams had participated in the event out of which only 8 could qualify the prelims and entered the quarter finals on the basis of their presentation skills, sense of humor, sarcasm and wit.
The crowd very enthusiastic and made the event much more dynamic.
Then out of the 8 teams that performed better reached the semifinals.Later, after a teeth-wrenching session two teams qualified for the finals.

The finale being much more interesting in which the winner of the Panchayati Raj’17 was finally decided.


Marcos is the event where one gets a chance to express their interpretation and understanding in front of people. Everyone has a different perception of things and Rostra brings out this hidden imagination and perception. Different people with different views often surprise us with their intriguing philosophies and this is where Rostra becomes fun.

Marcos began at 10:30 am in LH1. The participants were supposed to participate in a team of two. One of them was shown a video while the other was supposed to stay outside. The one who saw it was supposed to explain it’s interpretation to his partner without telling him what exactly happened in the video. Then the one who was outside had to explain his interpretation of the video based on his partner’s interpretation.


A spelling bee is a competition in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty. A large number of linguistic enthusiasts showed up at Lecture Hall – 2 of BIT Mesra to participate in the event. Spell Bee was organized by The Literary Society of BIT Mesra as part of the ongoing literary fest, Rostra. The competition was divided into two parts, the preliminary round and the final round. Candidates who cleared the preliminary round took part in the final round.


IMG_20170211_144839048‘Deductions’.Isn’t it a lovely word? The much-awaited event Sherlocked kick started at 2:45 pm in Lecture hall 1 with students coming in multitudes. The event consisted of three rounds,  the preliminary round which shortlisted 12 teams for the second round,  the second round cut short the count from 12 to 6 teams who contested in the final round. The event revolved around questions from great poems to evergreen classics and brought out the literature geek in everyone.After the finals, top three winners were announced.


The event “Whose line is it anyway”, was conducted as part of Rostra which added a bit of naughty humor to the otherwise clean cut attitude of this fest. The event consisted of a preliminary round in which people went up in groups of threes, were given a situation and a character each and had to enact them out using phrases submitted by the audience. This had the effect of DSC_0858-1ridiculous characters like Donald Trump, Asaram Bapu and many more in hilarious situations which would rarely happen in real life.
The next round had four finalists and had four sub-rounds, “let’s make a date”, then an infomercial to sell strange products, a mock press conference and a “How dare you say that?”, where they had to take offence at everything said. The whole event was incredibly funny and tested the ability of contestants to think on their feet. The audience was encouraged to roast the participants, making this a racy event laced with good humor and witty rebuttals.

The Day 2 of ROSTRA 2017 was a huge success in all the events and in all the aspects. Not only did the participants have a learning experience but also enjoyed alot. Day 1 ROSTRA didn’t actually end but all it did was increased the anxiety, curiosity and anticipation for Day 3.

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