NOVA – Pantheon’19 Weekender

NOVA – Pantheon’19 Weekender

Pantheon, the annual technical festival of BIT Mesra conducted “Nova”, the first weekender of its latest edition on 5th September 2019. The evening rife with ravishing performances commenced in IC Arena from 5:30 P.M. onwards bearing witness to an enormous gathering ready to experience an exquisite spectacle. Faculty co-ordinators of Pantheon’19, Dr. Kirti Avishek and Sumit Shrivastava and other faculty members graced the event with their presence. The event, hosted by Sharanya Jha and Bhavesh Chaturvedi, kicked off with a short introduction to Pantheon’19, and its theme- “Cosmos Beyond The Realms.”

After a drizzle from above, the event kick-started with Dhwani, the music club of BIT Mesra performing a medley of songs dedicated to teachers. The faculty members also joined in on the fun, making for a very gratifying jamming session. Manas from the Literary Society then mesmerized the crowd with a romantic poem on his childhood crush. The sheer innocence and a brilliant delivery touched the hearts of the stirred listeners.

Next, a musical skit on”Education System in our country” by the members of Ehsaas- dramatic society thoroughly amused the audience. Everyone was left stunned by this highly entertaining and thought-provoking act. Following this, a mellifluous performance by the band “Outbreak” on the song-“KaiseHua” spellbound the audience and formulated an environment of ambience and adoration.

After the rocking band performance, Aparna Shambhawi from the Literary Society performed a heart touching poetry on unrequited love. The audience cheered on as the show closed with the band “Necromancers” setting the stage on fire. Performing on the song “Millenia” by ‘Crown The Empire’. The band dazzled the attendees with infectious hooks and melodies.

The evening culminated with the audience tapping their feet to the electrifying beats of the DJ. With the event coming to an enthralling end, ‘Nova’ proved to be a fitting glimpse of what’s to come, foreshadowing the colossal magnificence of Pantheon’19.

Reporter– Arpit Kujur
Editor– Bhavesh Chaturvedi
Picture Credits– Coverage Team, Pantheon’19

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