Make The World Wonderful Seminar

Make The World Wonderful Seminar

  While the world was busy solving complex problems that concern us, four teenagers decided to tackle the basic issues of our society and went on to form an N.G.O called “Make the World Wonderful“. It was founded by Meghana Dabbara, an 18 years old girl along with 3 core members namely Sowmya, Praneeta and Kyathi. They all are seeking education from SKMU distance learning program so that they can give more time to their project. The vision of this N.G.O is to build a world where people live in harmony. These four girls have taken the responsibility of 53 orphan and semi-orphan children and pledged to nurture them with love, care and affection. They conduct different activities to create harmony amongst these children and also to inculcate good values in them by teaching them the essence of those traits. Inspired by their work, students of B.I.T Mesra invited them to the college so that they could give a talk about their journey. The seminar was held on 31st January at 6 p.m. in the CAT hall.

The evening started with a welcome speech by associate dean Dr. Mahesh Chandra who encouraged everyone to participate in the initiative and wished the organization luck for their future. Meghna Dabbara, the founder shared how the bedtime stories that her mother used to tell her when she was a child played a huge role in shaping the idea to start the organization. The stories that were mostly real life experiences of her mother contradicted what actually happened in the real world. As she grew up, she realized that most of the problems are interwoven and the basic need is that of harmony. She came up with the idea of “Make the World Wonderful” at the age of 14. While searching for ways to implement the idea, she met the iB group. iB hub, an initiative of iB group, is a pan India startup that helps profit, non-profit enterprises in setting up their organization and pursuing their dreams. After a series of interviews, she was selected and given multiple trainings. They helped her form the team which is now called the 4G. With the principle that children are grass roots of society, they started the Child Adoption Program. They adopted 50 children, taking full responsibility of their food, education and shelter and are planning to support them till they reach 12th grade.

IMG_20170131_183126510Thereafter, it was Pranita who explained the difficulties they faced in building harmony among fifty kids who came from different backgrounds. She said that the problem was complex but not complicated! With full acceptance of who they were and unconditional love, they built a relationship with the children. She further went on to say that in an effort to prevent comparison between the kids, they respect each kid and encourage them to compete with themselves. Thus, making them growth oriented.

After this Sowmya talked about the methods they use to inculcate these values in the children. She went on to tell that it is done through fun activities like gardening, bucket filling, gratitude etc, in an effort to make them understand the core essence of these values.

This was followed by certain BIT Mesra students sharing their internship experience at the NGO. Kyathi then discussed their NGO’s aim to open 2500 centers by 2023. She explained their organization’s belief in complete transparency of funds and resources.According to her, transparency in functioning creates a sense of ownership in the public and motivates more people to work for the cause. She went on to tell that their organization has received support from 170 different institutions and has more than 10k supporters in just one year!

To end their talk, the 4G played two videos which further went on to describe their vision and motivation. This was followed by a Q&A session after which Ehsaas, the Dramatics society presented a mime which left the audience spell bound. Vote of thanks was given by Mrinal sir who thanked them for addressing the gathering. The event was a success as the massive audience left the venue with a lot of positivity and zeal.

Reporters:- Ariba Anam and Vivek Gupta
Editor:- Vivek Kamisetti

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