“A mesmerizing Musical Evening”

It seemed like another wearisome day until the eve of tuesday, August 22nd, unfolded in the most elating fashion. The IC arena witnessed an unparalleled excitement and an unmatchable festive fervour when Dhwani, the Music Club of BIT Mesra presented its first event of the semester – The Live Jam 4.1. It provided a great platform for the music enthusiasts of the college to showcase their talent.


Guitarists performing with full energy

The show started with a beautiful performance by ‘Pacified’ that totally mesmerized the listeners with the mellow track of ‘Wake me up when September ends.’ It indeed was a splendid prequel of what was to come later in the evening.The elated audience got all the more boisterous when ‘Alankrit’ presented an amazing performance on ‘Kurbaan hua’. ‘Not Sweet’ struck exactly the right chords with the listeners’ heart with its magical rendition to ‘Photograph’ and ‘Just the way You are’. Next up, ‘Ikhtiyar’ truly enchanted the crowd with a charismatic medley of some of the most beautiful Bollywood songs, ‘Hawayein’ and ‘Ek Ajnabee Haeesna se’. The enthusiasm in the aura was evident and the crowd kept singing along with the performers.


An energetic performance

A blast in almost every sense of word was something that came up with an explosive performance on ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Anastasia’ by the band, ‘Random Overdrive’. Next up, was a sparkling presentation by Akshay Verma on his Ukulele. His catchy rendition to some of the audience’s favourite tracks like ‘Hey there Delilah’ and ‘I’ll be there for you’ completely fascinated the audience.  The audience went totally wild when ‘Beat Knox’ came up with its fiery number, ‘What I’ve done’.



Passionate Singing

Following this, two music enthusiasts from among the crowd, Anupama and Yash, showed some real spirit and gave impromptu performances along with Puranjoy, the beatboxer. ‘Destine’ pumped up spirits and made the crowd come alive with ‘O Hasina Zulfon Wali’. The crowd head-banging gave a clear measure of the brilliance of the performance. By now, the excitement in the audience had reached a fever pitch. An entirely different flavour was instilled into the atmosphere when ‘Coral Reef’ came up with a soulful tribute to the soldiers. ‘Root 16’ next crazed the passionate crowd with a seamless transition of vocals and instruments, with its performance on ‘All these things I hate’. The club had saved its best for the end. Rightly, one of the best bands of the college, ‘Adwitiya’ did not fail to provide exactly the required vim and took the exhilaration to a different level. Its scintillating performance on ‘Humma Humma’ electrified the crowd and was indeed, a perfect one to end the evening with.


Enthralled audience


Dhwani beautifully explored and displayed the full spectrum of variety in music and put up a great show. With almost every emotion in it- romance, patriotism, youth, energy and rock, the evening was simply complete. It was a full-house show and received overwhelming response from the music enthusiasts of the college. It indeed, was a memorable evening.

Reporter – Sweta Jha
Editor – Bhavya Raj
Picture Credits- Photographic Society, BIT Mesra








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