A Stroke of Patriotism – 73rd Independence Day Celebrations

A Stroke of Patriotism – 73rd Independence Day Celebrations

“Independence means enjoying freedom and empowering others too to let them do so.”

15th August, 2019 marked the 73rd anniversary of India’s freedom struggle. The day commemorating the independence of India from the British rule was celebrated in Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra with a number of mesmerizing programmes and performances. The day began with the ‘Prabhat Pheri’. At sharp 6:00 A.M, the first and second-year students took to the streets of the campus chanting out various patriotic slogans. The event, organized by the National Service Scheme (NSS) of BIT Mesra, filled the hearts of the people with a feeling of nationalism.

The honourable Vice-Chancellor Dr. S. Konar hoisted the tri-coloured flag at 9:00 A.M.

The next event was the flag hoisting ceremony in the Upper Lawn. The honourable Vice-Chancellor Dr. S. Konar hoisted the tri-coloured flag at 9:00 A.M. which was accompanied by the recital of the national anthem. The Dean Students’ Welfare, Dr. Anand Kumar Sinha, Dean Academic Program, Dr. Padmini Padmanabhan and the Registrar, Dr. A.P. Krishna also graced the event with their presence. The National Cadet Corps took the centre stage and presented a spectacular parade. The platoons moved in impressive coordination and marched past the audience in reverence to the occasion. Following this, Dr. S. Konar addressed the gathering and talked about the development of the country. He enumerated upon the various schemes implemented by the Narendra Modi government for the betterment of the nation and how the country was making steady progress.

A Nukkad on mob lynching called ‘EKTA’ was performed by the Ehsaas Dramatics Society.

The NCC parade came to an end with the students of creative arts presenting a band performance. Following the parade, the Dean Students’ Welfare honored the security guards and the other staff members for their diligence. They were appreciated for performing their duties with great perseverance. The melodious rendition of patriotic songs was followed by a Nukkad on mob lynching called ‘EKTA’ by the Ehsaas Dramatics Society.

The events shifted to the Inner Cooperative Arena where an exhibition of self-made robots was conducted by Robolution from 10:30 A.M. The aim of the exhibition was to promote the interests of younger generation in modern technology, encouraging scientific and technological creativity among students and inculcating a sense of pride in their talent.

Members of Robolution showcased their talent and exhibited features through the models like Color and Shape Sorter, Soccer Bot, Gesture Control Self Balancing Bot, Spyder Bot, Archery Bot, Ball Tracker and Follower Bot, Bionic Bot and Graph Tracer Bot. The exhibition was specially held for the newly admitted 2k19 batch to help them stay motivated in the field of robotics. The exhibition witnessed many tech enthusiasts, and some were lucky enough to get their hands on the working projects. Many students got a chance to control the movements of the soccer bot and even play a game of soccer with it. Some students tried the Archery Bot which used the principles of hydraulics and pistons, to test their archery skills. The attendees were briefed with the various concepts of robotics by the members of Robolution who worked tirelessly for days to make their projects come to life. The exhibition was a success owing to the efforts of the members and was a pleasant experience for all the 2k19 students who attended it. With this, the day events came to a conclusion.

The happenings initiated with a splendid and soulful spectacle by the Rajasthani folk group of “Langa and Manganiar” from Badmer

As the eventide dawned upon and the spirits of independence rose high, a wind of patriotism gushed into the GP Birla auditorium as it witnessed one of the finest shindigs of the year, “Ek Shaam Desh Ke Naam”. A gargantuan assemblage bustled in to witness the first cultural eve of the session.

The event commenced at 5:45 post noon. The hosts for the evening, Vishesh Satgotra and Ishman Kaur warmly welcomed everyone to the fabulous fiesta and elevated their spirits of patriotism with the chants of “Vande Matram”. The Dean Students’ Welfare, Dr. Anand Kumar Sinha then took the stage with a short welcome address. This was followed by a speech by Dr. Sanjay Kumar remembering the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters. He adorned his speech with a poem by Makhanlal Chaturvedi.

The happenings initiated with a splendid and soulful spectacle by the Rajasthani folk group of “Langa and Manganiar” from Badmer, who presented traditional folk songs amalgamated with modern arias along with ‘Kesharia Balam’ by Bismillah Khan. The crowd was left awestruck at their euphony.

The News and Publication Society released the official Newsletter of the institute – ‘BIT by BIT’.

The News and Publication Society next took the stage to release the official Newsletter of the institute – ‘BIT by BIT’. The Dean Students’ Welfare along with other faculty members like Dr.  Sanjeet Kumar, Dr. Dilip Upadhyay, Dr. VK Nigam, Dr. Amit Tiwary, Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Dr. BC Roy, Dr. KS Pattanaik, Dr. Vijay Nath, Dr. S Samanta, and Prof. Mrinal Pathak released the newsletter. The release was followed by a beautiful patriotic ensemble by Dhwani, the Music club of BIT Mesra. The group energised the crowd and the entire auditorium resonated to the tunes of ‘Jai Ho’, ‘Teri Mitti’ and ‘Tu Bhula Jise’. To keep the nationalistic spirits going, Manas Kumar from Literary Society owned the dais with a poem titled ‘Sankalp’ that caused goosebumps amongst the audience. 

A beautiful patriotic ensemble was presented by Dhwani, the Music club of BIT Mesra.

It was then the turn of Dance Club to set the stage on fire. Anwesha Adhikari and Gaurvi Kumari left the gathering cheering and in exuberance with their electrifying solo spectacles of Bharatanatyam and Kathak on ‘Shiv Strotam’ and ‘Ghar More Pardesiya’. Hereinafter, Ehsaas – Dramatics Society left no stone unturned in getting people on the edge of their seats when they startled them with a patriotic mime. The beats and foot taps hadn’t subsided when a spellbinding Pantheon’19 teaser recreated a wave of excitement and fervour in the multitude.

Anwesha Adhikari from Dance Club mesmerised the crowd with
solo spectacle of Bharatanatyam on ‘Shiv Strotam’

Pantheon, the annual technical festival of the institute is the most awaited affair of the monsoon semester. The Literary Society and Dance Club then returned with another run of entrancing performances. Adarsh Prakash Pandey mesmerized the spectators with his poetry titled ‘Randhir’, dedicated to freedom fighters while the latter club bought the audience to their feet with a group dance. 

Finally, the climax for the episode unfolded as Leo and Rotaract clubs fascinated the audience with a riveting ramp walk. The ramp walk was performed by students dressed in various traditional dresses worn in various parts of India. The night came to a curtain fall with a gratifying vote of thanks by Prof. Mrinal Pathak. The day which had once again embarked the spirit of nationalism in students thus came to a close on a high note.

Reporters– Kriti Shah, Anshuman Singh Bais, Utkarsh
Editor- Apoorva Nanda
Picture Credits- Photographic Society, BIT Mesra

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