IEEE Data Structures Workshop

IEEE Data Structures Workshop
IEEE, one of the most prestigious club of BIT Mesra conducted a 3 day workshop on Data Structures from 13 Jan to 15 Jan at Lab 4 and the CAD Lab with an aim to provide a good grip and in depth knowledge of the subject. Large number of students showed up to indulge and participate in the workshop.
Day 1:
The workshop began at 5:30 p.m. and went on till 7:15 p.m. The first day of the workshop elucidated the basic topics such as Arrays, Pointers and Stacks. The related topics were briefly described and smart methods to solve the problems were provided. The workshop concluded with a presentation on the events to take place in the upcoming two days.
Day 2:
The venue of the workshop was jam packed with eager learners

The venue of the workshop was jam packed with eager learners.

The second day began at 1 pm. Right from the beginning, all the members made the atmosphere very interactive to make it a fun learning experience. It started with Stacks and its implementations like infix to postfix conversion and then moved to Queues and its types, finally moving to self –referential Structures etc. Immense efforts were made to jot down all the concepts on the board, explain the memory representations of the declared objects, prepare handy slides and tutoring was done in a voice loud enough to reach every corner of the lab. The members were brilliant enough to catch the nerves of the virtual topic through very real examples.

Students listening keenly to the organizers.

Students listening keenly to the organizers.

Day 3:

Although the third day of the workshop continued on a Sunday morning, the number of curious attendees was no less. Taking forward  the previously conducted session, the day began with the discussion on Linked lists – insertion and deletion of  Nodes. The topic was further extended to Doubly and Circular Linked lists. Dynamic memory allocation was taken up and its effective utilization using the crisp concepts of Stacks and Queues was taught as well. The organizers were putting their heart and core to make the concepts as simple as possible. The members reached out to all the students who faced any difficulties. There was a short one hour break in the middle. Cadbury-delights were offered to students who paced to keep up with the thought-provoking questions being put up. Things proceeded further with discussion on Trees,Recursions, Malloc and Calloc functions.
Despite the fact that the lab size, arrangement of the projectors and power supply seemed to be reluctant to support the cause, the volunteers left no stone unturned to make the event a success. Every brain that was conducting the workshop was determined to decrypt all sorts of dubiousness from the students’ brains and give them an algorithm too powerful to generate a code that had no run-time errors.
Reporter: Aayushi Khanduri

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