GAME OF THRONES: Unpredictable, Unreal, a Game Changer redefining Modern Television

GAME OF THRONES:  Unpredictable, Unreal, a Game Changer redefining Modern Television

“When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

– Cersei Lannister

George R.R. Martin is a back-stabbing, beheading, throat-slitting sadist who did not just create some characters who won our hearts but also killed them which made The Game of Thrones a part of every viewer because of so many plot twists.

GAME OF THRONES has generated more cybercommentary than any TV series in recent history. In 2015, Game of Thrones was the most discussed television program on Facebook and the most tweeted-about show in the world. By the end of the fifth season, major media outlets were reviewing each episode, often running separate editions with or without spoilers, along with an extensive lineup of supplementary coverage.

Characters of Game of Thrones

Characters of Game of Thrones

There were recaps, round-tables, reviews, previews, rumors, theories, and countless unanswered or unanswerable questions. And there were interviews — oh so many o F them — actors, producers, author, no one was spared. But the most prevalent genre has been the digital media equivalent of tabloid gossip columns.

 “Who is currently the worst person in Westeros?” asked a recurring feature on Slate dubbed “This Week’s Worst Person in Westeros.” Other stories on the site have headlines worthy of the National Enquirer: “Are Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister Finally a Game of Thrones Power Couple?” “Was Tywin Lannister an Evil Man?” “Will Daenerys Ever Find True Love?” Buzzfeed allows authors to catalog their most arbitrary whims following the formula “79 Thoughts I Had While Watching the Game of Thrones Episode X.”

The World Map for GoT

The World Map for GoT

The success of the television adaptation of Game of Thrones marks a crucial transitional moment in the relationship between cult audiences and the global élite associated with ‘quality television’. Game of Thrones has never been like any other ordinary television drama, it was meant to break rules. Every show that we could possibly come across before the Game Of Thrones basically emphasized the story of one particular person or a group of people or even a family and there may be a twist or two, but the story revolves around them. Never could you think, whatsoever the situation may be, of seeing your dear protagonist die. But The Game of Thrones is a war where you win or you die and indeed you could see that from the first season itself where (Spoiler Alert) you see the death of the so portrayed hero Ned Stark being killed and as you wait for that little ray of hope, you see his head being taken off for decoration.


What makes the Game Of Thrones special and unique is not the deaths we witness every season, that might be the reason for your chapped nails, but the storyline, which goes on without letting the importance of any character decrease even for a moment. There are times when you don’t realize whom to support because unlike other television dramas, the Game of Thrones isn’t about the right vs the wrong. It’s about the politics that come into play when all you want is power.

And the most annoyingly beautiful fact about this series is that you can never point out any character to be a hero or a villain because nothing that is done is good or bad, except for the annoying little king Joffrey who will most certainly piss you off with his mindless wicked deeds. Every character do what should be done for their own benefits and do what is correct from their point of view.

Wallpapers for Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones: You Win or You Die

Besides could you ever think (and there goes another spoiler) that Jon Snow the bastard who turns out to be the prime character of the show, can die. Though you could not have imagined him getting his way back into the show after having seen so many deaths already. This is where the Game of Thrones makes a mark, not just painted in blood but with words (because you can’t think of words better than Tyrion Lannister) which no other show could have done better. And if you are a student, you are bound to know about the Game of Thrones, if not on your own, through your peers.

Keep Calm; Winter is Coming

Keep Calm; Winter is Coming

The Game of Thrones has created a wave no other show ever could, making it a must watch show. Deaths, nudity, all the atrocities generate anguish, pity but never the thought of discontinuing following it because regardless of how sad we are, the anticipation is so high that we are still sitting there glued to the small screens, biting our nails and preparing ourselves for the next shock the show is going to give us. Whether you are a follower of the Game of Thrones or not, you are bound to know about it and that is the magic of the show where you just don’t watch it, you live it.

– Vidhi Jha

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