GATE Grooming Classes: Introductory Session

GATE Grooming Classes: Introductory Session

With the aim of succoring students aiming to appear for GATE in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering, the Student’s Chapter of IEI ECE, BIT Mesra conducted the first session of what is going to be a series of GATE Grooming classes for the first, second and third year students. The introductory class, which was held at the Lecture Hall-1 from 5:30 p.m., started off with an intriguing and illuminating welcome speech by a final year member of the Student’s Chapter. The introductory speech focused on informing the students about the functionalities of the Student’s Chapter. This was followed by a talk by Dr. Vijay Nath, the Student Chapter’s Faculty Advisor. He talked about the intricacies of GATE and discussed the motive behind this idiosyncratic venture.

The DSW giving his speech

Next in line was a motivating speech by the Dean Students’ Welfare, Dr. Mahesh Chandra wherein he appreciated this novel effort by the Student’s Chapter and gave it his blessings. After this, the Convener of the Student’s Chapter, Dr. Aminul Islam enlightened the attendees with his words of wisdom. The introductory class came to an end with a very fruitful interactive session between the seniors and the juniors.

The introductory class in full swing.

A spectacular introductory class laid a solid foundation for the upcoming GATE Grooming classes which will begin from the 9th of August 2017. The interactive classes will be held on the Monday, Tuesday and Friday of every week. The participants will be taught the subjects of GATE for ECE like Analog Communication Systems, Digital Signal Processing and Engineering Mathematics. Going by the introduction, these classes are surely going to be very beneficial for people looking to thrive in GATE for ECE.

Reporter:- Barkha Aggarwal
Editor:- Bhavya Raj

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