In Feminism we Trust (Or Do We?)

In Feminism we Trust (Or Do We?)

We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.”

Isn’t our existence deeply rooted in hypocrisy when on one side we have a woman contesting with a racist orange clown for the most powerful position in the world and on the other side we have people rallying against her simply because she is a woman. We are ready to accept said moron over her because we cannot accept a woman in power. And this happening in the United States of America is ironical, to say the least, because it is the USA that has long held the baton for progress and freedom.

Gender Equality Feminism as a movement dates back to the nineteenth century but it has only picked up steam in recent times. With full gratitude to the social media, feminism as a word is not unbeknownst to many. Its meaning however is still stranger to most or is known to them in a warped and twisted fashion. Feminism in its definition seeks to obtain social, economic and political equality of both the sexes. It seeks to do away with the concepts of the stronger sex or the fairer sex. Feminism aspires to break all the boundaries that separate men and women. Is any of this too much to ask for?

While at large, we are fighting against bigger evils like terrorism and climate change, inherently we are not putting up a united front. We are still divided by inconsequential barriers like race and color and most significantly by gender. The gender disparity Male Femaleis immense in all sectors of the world. Be it our colleges where girls are bound by in time restrictions and boys are not. Or the workplaces where women who get promoted are called out for offering sexual favors to the boss. Several men constantly consider this branding of women as their birthright and label women who do not agree with their ideologies as licentious lesser beings. Be it the entertainment industry where women are reduced to caricatures and flowerpot roles in movies or the business world where the wage gap is huge enough for equality to deep dive and die, disparity is the bitter truth of the moment.

While the women of our own country battle sexism and sexual harassment, we need to understand that we cannot always assume that it is their fault if they get violated. Amitabh Bachchan in Pink, the feminist movie of 2016, rightfully makes a statement “we should save our boys, not our girls … because if we save our boys then our girls will be safe.” Emma WatsonIn fact 2014-2016 have been years when feminism has been talked about on global platforms, be it Emma Watson’s He for She speech at the U.N. or Beyonce releasing full blown feminist songs and music videos. Even Priyanka Chopra, a brown, Asian ‘woman’ landed a lead role in an American TV show breaking all barriers and stereotypes. But as long as we brand Taylor Swift a ‘crazy serial dater’ but George Clooney a ‘harmless Casanova’, even when both are accused of hanging around with multiple people in a year, the goal of feminism remains underachieved.

Since feminism is derived from the word female, many ignorant radicals brand feminists as man hating Feminazis. So many people develop a bad picture of feminism in their minds, including women who think that feminism aspires to put women on top of the pedestal removing men from all positions of authority and power. And these people couldn’t be more wrong. Yes feminism is derived from the word female, and that is because, for eons it is the female gender Gender Equalitythat has suffered subjugation and injustice. During all these years, men have solely held all kinds of power and now, feminism wants to put women on the same platform as those men. By doing so, how are men being harmed? If they are scared or ashamed of a women being better than them, it is their insecurity and ego, and not women that need to be tamed.

The battle which feminism is fighting against sexism cannot be won without the aid and support of women and men alike. And we need to be clear with which ideology we side with. We cannot proclaim ourselves to be neutral in this battle. Because if you are not a feminist, you are a sexist. And if you are a sexist, then you have either not utilized your 21st century education to its full use or you are one of those who still believe that women are actually lesser beings than men and it is always a woman’s fault. Or maybe you are simply Donald trump! The less said about him, the better.

-Ashish Deopa

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