Down the Memory Lane with Suchismita Sarkar

Down the Memory Lane with Suchismita Sarkar

As I am writing this, I have no idea what this is going to yield into. I don’t know what to write or where to start. I am as blank as one can be at the moment. But anyway, I need to start.

My whole childhood, I have spent in chunks studying in different schools in different places. I studied at a school for a few years and then hopped on to another. 6 schools in 14 years. So, I had presumed that the four years of my college will be just another four years. Simple and sorted. But was it? I stepped into this college-turned-home with no idea of what it beheld for me. I knew nobody here. But thanks to my childhood, this was not an issue. Or as they say, log saath aate gaye aur kaarvaan banta gaya.

If I go down the lane year-wise, I am afraid I may not be able to do justice; for there’s so much I know that is beyond my capability to express. So, here’s my journey of the past four years in BIT in bits and pieces.

You know life has a strange way of gifting us and that’s why unplanned things happen to be the best experiences. One fine day, as I attended my last lecture and stepped out of LH-1, I saw a bunch of people waiting outside. On enquiring about the event, I learnt that the ‘News and Publication Society’ was about to conduct its induction. Hesitantly enough, I agreed to appear for the induction. I went inside, appeared for the written round and unlike my friends had said, the interview was conducted the same day. Soon, I became a member of this society. And the journey thereafter has been nothing short of magic. Be it having a laptop in front of you when all others are simply enjoying the performances or attending the round table meetings at our so-called mushroom table, the members of this club showcase an epitome of dedication every moment. Although the new batches might not know about the mushroom table, it was a prominent thing in our initial years. This club has grown and expanded tremendously in these four years- covering each and every event through reports, having the official newsletters published, keeping up-to-date with the editorials, interviewing every personality who visits the campus, being the mouthpiece for circulars and notices, giving a visual insight into the college’s happenings with NVMs and what not. Been able to be part of all of them is just so satisfying. I also find myself extremely lucky to have acknowledged the making of NAPSA, the only award show of the Institute and to have known people whom I look up to now. Apart from the work that it does throughout the year, this club exactly knows how to enjoy in its very own way. With all the outings and parties having some of the hilarious discussion topics, this club has given me millions of memories to cherish. And the way they have surprised me on my birthdays every time is something I am going to miss very badly. From arousing the sophisticated workaholic in me to making me end sentences with full stops and have all the punctuations in between, this club has shaped me into whatever I am today. This club and its members will have my heart, always.

I always wanted to be on the organising side of a fest. In my second year, I became a part of the media team and my journey with the fests began. The idea of being in the media team was way more fascinating because who else has the privilege of experiencing what final years do, in their second year itself. If you’re a BITian, you can relate to this. Culminating the whole day’s events on sheets and finally pressing the send button had a different kind of adrenaline rush. I still remember working on contents and reports for a fest, a night before my mid-semester exams with the syllabus yet to be completed and it was a completely different feeling altogether. Also, among all the events going around in the fest, info cell has its own perks. The ones who have been there will agree with me. You will hear many people say, why work in fests when you can enjoy them; while having nothing to harm. Trust me, when you experience it, it’ll give you a reason to justify your decision. And as I say this, I am grateful to all the fests that I have been a part of, for letting me explore new dimensions and helping me evolve into a better person.

This lane is, of course, incomplete without the mention of my branch, Electronics and Communication Engineering. Ask anybody in the college and you’ll find pity on their face for the ECE students. With tough subjects and packed schedules, we hardly had any lectures off. And in such circumstances, even if we had one lecture off, it called for a celebration. While I strived hard to get good grades in my first year, getting a single-digit number didn’t bother me in my final year. This is what ECE does to students. No matter how much you try to grasp any subject, it’ll just slip off. Obviously, there were exceptions who mastered this too, I was not one among them. But somehow, like many others, I learned to manage. This is what engineering is all about, you see. More than technical knowledge, it teaches you the art of believing in the impossibilities. You might not know how a task is to be done but you know that it will eventually be done.

In spite of ECE being a tough branch, I am more than grateful to have landed in this branch. This is because it has given me my lifelines. We are a crazy bunch of people as all would say. While our branch suggests us to be bookworms, we have enjoyed every bit of our life to the fullest. I will give you an example. You might know about the dark semester of ECE, the fourth semester. I very vividly remember that I didn’t spend any weekend on the campus that semester. Not just weekends, we went out whenever possible. Dancing in the rain when we have exams the next day, exploring every possible food joint in the city, or riding scooties till we felt like coming back, we have had it all. I just realised; I cannot even mention many of them. After all, we all must have a part of our stories known only to ourselves. I have no idea how we all came together to build a family away from home but I am glad we did. And now when I look back at the things I did in the past four years, I couldn’t even think of doing all these in a span of four years back in July’16.

No matter how much you enjoy, the thought of having a good placement just keeps you on track. Being a student with certainly unclear goals, I was in a total mix. To display that, I have tried working on projects related to core ECE, prepared for MBA, and also learnt coding, all at the same time. Slowly, I realised that this is not how things are going to be; I needed to make a decision. I made one but things didn’t go as planned. Refusing an offer at the beginning of the placement season and watching my friends getting placed one after another, I started to doubt myself. I started to lose hope of a good placement. But eventually, I could get one. All I can say is you never know what you’ll be doing. Just try to put in your 100% in whatever you do and everything will fall into place. Keep your spirits up and learn daily- a software, some dance steps, or maybe just a simple gesture!

‘Jitna bhi try karo, life mei kuch na kuch toh chootega hi. Toh jahan hai, wahin ka maza lete hai na.’

Enjoy as much as you can while you’re still there. These years won’t come back. You can take bold steps and regret your choices. You can try really hard at something and fail at it. You can work diligently and not be acknowledged. You can see something as forever and lose hold of it the next moment. It’s totally okay. You cannot always have the good pieces and the bad ones help you grow, nevertheless. I have always believed that whatever happens, happens for good. And this keeps me going. These four years have changed a lot in me and I am an entirely different person today. While I may still make wrong decisions, I know it’ll all be fine in the end.

Thank you BIT for gifting me with people I can count on and giving me the best four years of my life. With the batch of 2020 not being able to bid adieu in its traditional way, I hope we get to meet ONE LAST TIME. And while I still wish for a normal farewell, here’s BE/10257/16 signing off!

-Suchismita Sarkar

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