Down the Memory Lane with Dilip Ginodia

Down the Memory Lane with Dilip Ginodia

“A college degree is not a sign of a finished product but an indication a person is prepared for life.”

These lines by Edward A. Malloy basically summarize the journey of any student surviving in an engineering college and hence it does mine too.

My journey in Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, Ranchi has been no less than a thrilling roller coaster ride. The start though was not that awesome or happening. I was the kind of sincere student sitting on the 1st bench of every class, taking notes and of course not facing any problem with the 75% attendance criteria. My sole aim was to obtain a good GPA and get my branch changed anyhow. That wasn’t successful obviously as I forgot that I belong to the general category public and nothing is easy for us.

Anyway, the campus was fun with a lot of greenery and a fresh atmosphere. Hovering in the jungles of BIT, trespassing in the forbidden riversides, being in the temple all night to celebrate Janmashtami are some of the things which gave me enough reasons to be there and bear with the crazy academic schedule and the administration.

Mess food and hostel rooms were never a problem for me, as my past hostel experiences have shown me what a real hostel feels like. Appearing for all the club recruitment examinations, and not clearing any of them sort of discouraged me till a time after which it did not matter to me anymore. Enjoying Bitotsav and freshers party was fun at that time without any workload and of course without college politics.

One significant thing that must be noted down, is to be a part of a big-fat 12-membered group “Bitians”. Yeah! I think everyone in BIT is apart of a WhatsApp group with that name. Takla, Mishra, Kinky, Avinash, Dinesh, Jammu, Charlie, CM, Thoron, Daga & Shubh—my little gang. We more or less did everything together and I feel cherished to be a part of it forever. All those birthday parties, late-night sessions, movies (Gangs of Wasseypur was the first one we watched together and it was lit), gaming sessions, etc., everything will be missed. I feel blessed that just before this Pandemic we were able to successfully execute our trip, otherwise that would have remained as a pang of guilt forever.

It was in my first-year that I met KD. An excellently talented and hard-working person. I have seen him grow over these four years. We have seen a lot of things together. From sharing notes to supporting each other at the time of a major crisis, we have been with each other all along and I hope to stay the same with him in the coming years.
“Badminton khelne ka program banayenge bhai jab bhi mauka milega”.

Second-year onwards, college fests occupied 60-70% of my college life. Pantheon, Bitotsav, and Hack-A-BIT -these were the three names that became a constant in my life. Getting into the organizing committee as volunteers to becoming the core member of the same committee, following the instructions given by our seniors to instructing our juniors, these fests have made me what I am today. A lot of qualities like teamwork, time management, taking responsibility, etc. emerged out of me and these fests helped me to brush these qualities well. Being in the events team and managing 10-12 events taking place simultaneously at various locations all around the 800-acres campus was not at all an easy task but it was fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

Because of my involvement in fests, I learnt to come out of my books and enjoy the world along with people who make it even more beautiful. Some seniors, batchmates, and juniors became very dear to my heart. I would have never met them if I hadn’t been involved in this. Khedia, Premankur, Shreyas, Mansi, Ayush, Ananya are some of the names I met because of these fests and who make me feel like family, whenever around.

Hack-A-BIT was quite special as I could have my batch photography done in the 7th semester along with the CSE guys. Otherwise, batch photography would have remained a dream for me.

Studies remained my 2nd priority in all these years after the 1st year. Going to classes only for attendance and the last-minute study for exams and lab viva seemed enough for getting me a so-called engineering degree. I got engaged in the hostel committee as well. Being the secretary of Hostel-13 in my 3rd year I have faced hell-like situations, from the taste of the food being disliked to spotting a burnt beedi in biryani, I have faced and handled them all where only I was held responsible for all the mess-ups. The picture above is of my hostel which felt like my 2nd home always.

I became a member of DRISTI in my 3rd semester. I saw no other way better than this to utilize my potential and leisure time than to direct it towards a noble cause—working in a student-run NGO. DRISTI taught me a lot. I saw and experienced what the below poverty line means to be and how one can be selfless, putting the welfare of society before one’s comfort. I met a lot of awesome people here who had a common goal—the welfare of the village and its people we work for.

Shambhavi and Anu are the two “ajeeb” persons I met here. We worked together and somehow became good friends though we three fought a lot and I lost at the end for they teamed-up against me always. But as of now, we three are best of friends who can call each other in the midst of night without even thinking once and spill out everything that is troubling us.
P.S: I miss all those morning and evening walks, restaurant visits, scooty rides, and those Khalsa outings.

Another important involvement in college was in IET, a technical coding club. Though I was unable to get into the circuital branches, the passion that I had in coding led me to be a member of this club. Somehow the passion died, or rather I did not pay much attention to it and I was there in the club for all forms of managerial work. Anyway, it is an important part of my journey, as the people here never made me feel that I was not one among them. The IET family will always remain close to my heart.

I met Shalu via IET. The sweetest soul ever met. She was like my mother in college. I miss all her scolding sessions for not eating on time or just being busy with the fest work without proper rest.

Talking about placements, there is not much to speak about. There are two reasons to it- firstly, non-circuital branches do not have much to speak about it and second is I was selected in my first interview and never experienced anything relating to placements after that. I remember being in the first month of my third year in college. It was a hell of a day. After clearing the preliminary tests, the company made us wait for our interview from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and then the interview was a mere formality of 2-10 mins. The results were out at 9 p.m. and I was selected. PwC it is. It was really a happy and proud moment for me. I rejoiced a lot for now I could enjoy two years of my college life pressure-free. I got to know Dishank and Sushmit better through this. We executed a lot of fest work successfully since then and we have a lot more to carry out.

The rest of my time passed sitting idly either in the hostel room or at Laxmi canteen. Most of it was with my bro Shakuu and Mishra at Laxmi. That was our favourite place to hang out. We were able to sit there idly for hours without getting bored, chit-chatting about all the things we already know about each other.

Mechanical Batch of 2020 will always be remembered. I know all of us will not be able to be in contact in the coming future. But I am glad that you all were a part of this thrilling journey of mine.

One of the names that will pop-up whenever I think of this batch is Peggy. A very good friend of mine who made my college life a bit more exciting with all her dramas and mini issues, coming every now and then, which I loved to solve. Whether we be in contact or not, I will cherish the time spent together always.

Finally, after the last Bitotsav, I had a wish to enjoy the last two months of my college life to the fullest and enjoy and cherish whatever I have earned over these 4 years. Alas! Corona came. My wish became a dream, a dream which resides in my heart still and I can exchange anything in return to live this dream.

To all my juniors, I know life will not be easy for anyone of you amidst this pandemic, but I would like to just motivate you a bit to keep your hopes high and hold on a little longer. Things will definitely fall into place. Perseverance is the only key to it. I have seen and experienced a lot being in this college. I have seen foes turning into friends and friends turning to mere strangers. Some people just pass by, some meet and greet but some of them stay. Learn to cherish every part as in some way or the other they make your journey beautiful. Enjoy whatever is still there and do not regret what is lost.

“कई जीत बाकी है कई हार बाकी है,
अभी तो जिंदगी का सार बाकी है।
यहां से चले हैं नई मंजिल के लिए,
यह तो एक पन्ना था अभी तो पुरी किताब बाकी है”

With these lines, I bid adieu to BIT Mesra, Ranchi. Best wishes and love to everyone out there who in some way or the other made my journey mine memorable.

BE/10542/16 signing off with a heavy heart and being content with whatever BIT has given me.

-Dilip Ginodia

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