Down the Memory Lane with Shamil Khan

Down the Memory Lane with Shamil Khan

First day at college, not the usual first day, the very first day, the day of the counseling, you enter the campus of the college where you will spend the next four precious years of your life. You get that mixed feeling which is 40% excitement, 20% fear, 10%confusion and remaining is a feeling of that resistance towards the change of environment you are going through. For some people that feeling of resistance of change is overpowering, for me, it was not the case. This was the background of the day I sat beside a person, about whom I would never have realized that this person is going to be the most important individual in my life in the coming years.

That was the first day we sat beside each other unknowingly, and we had a small talk and parted our ways as the day got over. I was admitted to the Electronics and Communication stream of engineering through my rank I obtained at the entrance and was pretty happy about it (PS: the happiness was short-lived). Little did I know that the branch I opted for so hopefully was the toughest in the university and soon the daydream changed into a nightmare. One day a friend told me about the internal branch sliding form. I wasn’t very sure about it as my rank was not very impressive at the moment, but nonetheless I filled on the last day and the next day went home. On the way, I got a call from the same friend that congratulations brother your branch got upgraded to Computer Science and Engineering. Firstly, I did not believe it then he sent me a picture of the notice, and I was surprised and happy at the same time. Later on, I would realize how important this upgradation was for me. I lived in Room No. 169, Hostel-10 in my first year, but how did I end up in that room? The random choice at the time of hostel allotment? At least that is what I thought at that time. In the first week of college, when I was standing just outside my room, I heard a guy playing guitar. It was like I was drawn to him like a mouse to cheese. I saw a chubby guy with curly hair and terrible pronunciation play the guitar. I stood there for a moment and went back to my room after some time, and that is how I met this other guy who would be one of the important parts of my life ahead.

I chose Creative Arts as my extra subject at the time of counseling. Everyone was saying choose NSS it is very beneficial. Others said choose Sports and we had someone from the NCC gave a speech about the benefits of it and yet I chose the least favourite of them all. A random choice? that is what I thought at that time. The first session of Creative Arts I met this guy who was playing the guitar the other day and got to know that we both are interested in music and that is why the choice of Creative Arts. There was this other very shy guy who used to hang with us in the same class and after some time I got to know he was my branch mate and he also took Creative Arts because of the mutual interest. This guy I will tell you about him, I have seen him grow and change and I have been a part of that growth, he will agree to it I know. Whatever you say he will silently agree with you. The most soft-spoken person I have ever seen in my life. Very down to earth, very uninteresting and the most innocent face as if he knows nothing of this world, but boy did he knew, and you wouldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams that a guy of this flavor could be so influential and so talented. You cannot read that on his face as you can do on others’. This person was the most important find of my college life, period.

Once I entered the music room and saw a guy sitting with a harmonium in front of, you know who, (we cannot take his name) and started singing. I thought him to be a senior, this talented, he must have been in here for many years, I thought to myself. That day I would never have thought a pure classical singer of this caliber would share a stage with such an average musician as me who knows nada about classical.

Last but not least, I met someone who was more than a senior to me all those two years he was in college. An elder brother I never had, being the firstborn. Someone who would always be there to watch my six. Someone who can rely on that he will handle and his words of advice were the most precious words I could have followed. The day when he said casually I will be the next member of your band.

We started with a final year saying to us after the first performance that how did you guys manage to develop the coordination in so less time. We also went through rejections when we messed up and it all ended up with flashlights and hooting with the words- “this is Premankur Roy your vocalist with DESTINE for one last time signing off”

I thought all of the above events were random: that seat beside Aayush Bhaskar on the day of counseling, the choosing of Creative Arts against all odds, the day I met Alok Raj and his inability to have a conversation with anyone leading him to hang out with us, up-gradation of the branch to CSE which reunited me with Bhaskar and Alok, Ayush Khedia playing guitar across my room in Hostel 10, my inadvertently entering a room where Premankur Roy blew me away with his classical voice in the first instance, The day I sat behind Anuj Sinha during a music competition and he said casually said let’s collaborate in the coming events together.

I do not know how it would have turned out if these were not the actions, would it still be the same? Does fate always find a way? Was it all random decision making or was it Destined?

PS: There are many more people who were very close and influential in these last four years of my college life. I love you all and you all are irremovable parts of my life, but if it is a question to mention some memories, then these people have a special place in my life because of those extra hours we have spent in the jamming and practicing and the failures we have faced together and the appraisal we have shared on the stage.

-Mohammad Shamil Khan

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