Down the Memory Lane with Anu Sonal

Down the Memory Lane with Anu Sonal


Its often said that the only thing that remains intact after graduating from college is the countless memories made worth cherishing for the life ahead. If I have to sum up my journey in the last four years in BIT Mesra campus, it would be the effortless transition from a unique place completely unknown and unexplored, to a place synonymous to all the friendships that I earned over the course of time and that became an integral part of my life. The most amusing part of college life for me would be how we typically encounter people who become our everything and friendships that sustain for life.

Just like others, most of the memories in my college life were centric to my involvement in several co-curricular activities. When I got to know about different clubs and competitions after joining the college, I wished to be a part of everything that I was interested in. I have realized college becomes fun when you involve yourself with people around you, with varied and similar interests alike.

I think most people recognize me because of my involvement with various clubs and societies, which played a significant role in the development of my personality, by providing me with exposure to the real world and countless opportunities. I continued to be a member and executive of the N.S.S. BIT Mesra Chapter from the first year to the final year. Apart from that, I was a part of the Sports & Adventure Club, Ehsaas Dramatics Society, Literary Society, E.P.A.C, Dristi, etc.

In addition to being a part of clubs, I participated in various events and fests like Dramzest, Vajra, Inter-collegiate Annual Athletics Meet, Rostra. I enthusiastically indulged as a volunteer in Bitotsav, Pantheon, Vajra, and happened to be in their Core teams. The experience in these fests was exceptional, to say the least, building in me the values of teamwork and management required for life. I feel lucky to have been a part of such great teams.

This college has given me the assurance that I am not alone and that we can get over all sorts of difficulties and hurdles if we work together as a team.

There are several moments in this roller coaster journey where we stand puzzled, in the state of perpetual dilemma when the fate of our decisions decide our journey ahead.
One needs to be familiar with the extent to which our decisions have an impact on our lives. My academic life underwent a drastic change in the third year when I was selected for an internship outside India. The fourth-year was very messy with off-campus interviews, industry-related projects, online interviews, and the placement season.

When years ahead, you move past college life, you realize how beautiful the journey actually was. The kind of freedom that you experienced was unparalleled, the kind of people who become your friends and family and the insane moments of happiness that you live throughout the college life makes you crave to relive the journey.

I enjoyed my three and a half years of college life to the most except for the last semester. I was the only one from my department who was, keen to take part in different clubs, events, and activities. By taking part in these I got to learn life lessons like leadership, time management, and how to indulge in things with a pinch of enjoyment. I will always cherish these moments throughout my life.

So to all my fellow mates, and to all my juniors, I shall always carry you in my memories. Every conversation, every fight, every walk, every emotion will be treasured. To the class of 2020, as we move ahead in life, with several memories and experienced earned from this college, it is heartbreaking to see all of this coming to an end in a way we never expected. Just one more time, I sincerely wish to sit in the classroom, hangout in the IC Arena, take a long walk to OC, get some quick delicacies at Pahan, and finally walk out from the hostel to department one last time.

-Anu Sonal

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