Down the Memory Lane with Ayush Khedia

Down the Memory Lane with Ayush Khedia

We talk about the journey only when we reach the destination.
Hence, this!

After my final (and also the first) presentation of college life, I didn’t have the option to go to RR and celebrate with my friends, 4 years of doing nothing, and still getting a bachelor’s degree. Indeed the class of 2020 is a ‘lucky’ batch.
This very first big settlement of my life began on 27th July 2016. I had lost all my trust in studies when I couldn’t make it to the tag I worked hard for. Hence the 100kg old me stepped into this bog of engineering. Being a student of Information Technology, I just took my curriculum for granted thinking, “Placement toh ho hi jaega”, and started to explore life from a new perspective, a musical one.

With a presumption that knowing 4 chords was enough to be called a guitarist, I had the audacity to enter the music room for auditions, and I am still unaware why the club selected me in the first place. Whatever the reason might have been, my name on that list helped me shape myself to be what I am today. Soon after entering the club, I transformed into a bassist because of ‘high demand and low supply’. Destine, Advitiya, and Mantra Secret Society ‘hired’ me for the job of playing basslines that the audience couldn’t hear, but FEEL. A countless number of stories were told and memories were made. I can’t possibly describe in words what this club and its people mean to me. From all the cool seniors to all the ‘self-proclaimed’ last babies, Dhwani gave me a home away from home.
“Bohot sochte Hain” aaj bhi, par samjh nahi aata kaise shukriya ada karein.

Okay so talking more about clubs and societies. I did some social work while being a part of Rotaract in my 2nd year but didn’t continue. I was also a part of the debating club of the college, UNESQUO in my 3rd year. No offense, but I never knew why was I a part of these two clubs, why they took me in, and when did I just leave. But one thing I know for sure is that I have NEVER been a part of any technical club, and guess what? I was appointed the Student Coordinator of Pantheon’18 (the TECH fest of our college). I still hate that term (StuCo), from the CORE of my heart. Not forgetting to mention, I made a lot of good friends and forever enemies in that golden period of 3 months.
P.S. I liked working for Pantheon’17 more

So you see what’s common in all of the above? I was clueless, all the time. And then it was time for the darkest hour. The two big black dots and the hundreds of stories and rumours that came along with them. I became oblivious to them with the passage of time. That was a funny and tough time. It passed, so will Corona.
I somehow managed to pass all my exams for 3 years, and now it was the do or die semester, the placement semester. With absolutely zero knowledge of my subjects, I went to sit for all those companies which offered a package enough to pay for all my ‘habits’ that I had developed in the past few years. After getting rejected in 12 interviews, I got placed along with a 6-month internship (Everything happens for a reason). During that period of struggling for a placement to celebrating what we thought was ‘success’, I made a hell lot of new friends and lost some dear ones.
The End.

I am really really thankful to everyone I met in this journey of 3.5 years, everyone who lifted me up on their shoulders, everyone who made me smile. Here goes a big shoutout to all my branch mates, who somehow helped me pass my subjects, all the teachers who showed me mercy and didn’t give me an F*, all the non-teaching staff of BIT, the guards, the mess workers, the PA system guys, every single one of them, all the TnP people (damn you guys work so hard), all the clubs and societies, who make college inhabitable, and all the people who have loved me more than I deserve and more than I could ever imagine. And I shall forever be in debt to everyone who has harmed or hurt me in any way. You guys have just made me stronger. And I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to anyone and everyone that I have hurt in any manner. I hope all of you are doing good and are safe at home.

“Jahan bhi hai tu, khush to hai na… Jahan bhi rahe Khush hi rehna”

-Ayush Khedia

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