Down the Memory Lane with Rahul Thakur

Down the Memory Lane with Rahul Thakur

I always believe in living every moment and always try to keep my thoughts, words, and actions non-different to each other.
Being in BIT, I have cherished the beautiful and young phase of life with Entrepreneurship, Dramatics, Adventurous life with NCC Cadets and Army Officers, T&P workload, and unmatched taste of Spirituality to manage all things with full efficiency.

Only a week is left to officially conclude with “Bye”.  My Brain, heart, and even soul are feeling very tough to say Bye. Now, that’s the inner realization of love with campus greenery, bright faces of friends, lovely Juniors, some strict profs, lab staffs, mess staffs, the shop owners, security guards, Chotu Dhaba, Mehak Canteen, IC Arena, Vedae Cafe Momos, Gehra Jungle, Riverside, Laxmi canteen, “PMC”, upper lawn, Club meetings, EDC Activity room, T&P Cubicles with Snacks, and own departmental roof.

Got the opportunity to be known by the titles like ‘MIT India Initiative Selects’, ‘Amgen Scholar NUS’, ‘Presi@EDC’, and  ‘StuCo@T&P’ in this journey. Please again refer to my second part of the first line, that’s one of the reasons behind my achievements and the second one is my ATTITUDE.
“Not an end, beginning to the critical professional challenges.”

-Rahul Thakur

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